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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 19-10-2016 at 07:57
My view is the truth is definitely out there. But some things are very small and some things are a long long way away.

[*] posted on 19-10-2016 at 02:37
Of course the entire planet is made up of aliens I was listening to a series of lectures on the possibility of life in outer space and, given the fact that the universe is "ageless" many civilisations may well have arisen and fallen before the light from their stars even have reached us. If we do detect an artificial signal from the cosmos, it is likely to be from some distant galaxy that, time we reply, their civilisation has ceased to exist, and, if not, we may cease to exist awaiting a reply. Given that we have only recently in evolutionary terms begun to search the stars, and transmit our own signature in the form of radio and other transmissions, there is unlikely to ever be a reply in the near (evolutionary) future.

[*] posted on 18-10-2016 at 16:00
One of the themes/plots in movies/TV that I think has been consistently "overlooked" by earthbound authors/playwrights/etc. is a story about how an extraterrestrial life form in some imaginary planetary system would conceive of what alien life forms are on others worlds [that they cannotvisit/observe due to the limitations of their space technology], i. e., what they would look like, to include what that culture consists of.

Like it or not, the vast majority of this genre of 'entertainment' consists of nothing more than rehashed themes time and time again, i. e., they barely elude plagiarism.

Home sapiens may be 'sapiens', but ONLY relative/in comparison to the other life forms on Planet Earth, i. e., and certainly not necessarily 'sapiens' to who else is out there [YES, there is very likely one life form somewhere, that's still around, that started first, etc., but thatdoesn't guarantee that they are the most cognitively advanced].

Yes, I'm accusing the mass media moguls of more than stifling creativity, but actually having the effect of killing it. The purveyors of such media are themselves suffering from chronic/terminal bottom line'itis which they will never admit to, but they produce works that bores their audiences to death with same olde, same olde, and whose plots invariably invokes some sort of violence.

Apparently they cannot comprehend that what their audiences thirst/crave for can also be commercial successes. But then, such a product would be a gamble, and possibly a flop, and risk taking is not their stock in trade.

[*] posted on 18-10-2016 at 07:39
the bear

[*] posted on 18-10-2016 at 06:28
If they find life on another plant the question is will they have a Mc Donalds? smokin:

Regards the Bear waveysmiley

[*] posted on 18-10-2016 at 02:44
It's life, Jim, but not as we know it. I fully expect to find life out there, but it's unlikely that it has evolved into a form like us. I would suggest that we are unique in the Universe. Of course, given the size of the place, and the time taken for light to reach us from even our nearest star, not to mentions galaxies, the chances of finding any civilisation with which we may even commune, is going to be much harder than finding liquid water on the moon or intelligence in the houses of parliament.

[*] posted on 17-10-2016 at 21:55
Originally posted by Katzy
That's the British government out, then. Not a soul amongst that lot. :(

Hmmm...Taking your statement to the next logical progression, does it then mean that they, every man jack of them, are all the anti-Christ????

AND of course, could there be anti-Christs as well on other planets??

I Googled "British MP", and the embedded image was the first one in the list; I can't say that the result came as any surprise!!!

[*] posted on 17-10-2016 at 20:16
That's the British government out, then. Not a soul amongst that lot. :(

[*] posted on 17-10-2016 at 13:19
Originally posted by Katzy
....'course, I could be wrong...

Ah, the penultimate philosophical questions: just what constitutes "life", and does/does NOT having a "soul" as defined by major religious belief systems (as least in Western cultures) having anything to do with the definition of life; so called Eastern spiritual belief systems, at least according to most Western media, who really didn't want to take the time to ask anyone, have approximately the same beliefs; but is "approximate" as good as "exactly" the same 'thing'. Stay Tuned For Further Developments rather after this message from our sponsors.

So sayeth the Hal 9000 manufactured in Urbana, Illinois by a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group of gig-employed individuals who labored without regard to just about anything.

[*] posted on 17-10-2016 at 09:53
It just goes to show how unimportant this little blue dot is, doesn't it? My ex-minister always claimed that he'd lose all faith, if life was ever found, elsewhere, as he claimed that the Bible said that there was life here and here only.

I found that odd, to be honest. With all that's out there, I'd consider it more likely that there is life, than not, by a huge margin.

'course, I could be wrong...

[*] posted on 17-10-2016 at 05:15
Recent analysis of Hubble data tells us that there are 10 to 20 times more galaxies than we thought. The numbers, are becoming unintelligible. Can you imagine a sextillion of stars?shocked_yellow