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[*] posted on 23-6-2016 at 02:49
Originally posted by LSemmens
It is a sad reflection...!!!!

It seems to me that the SADEST part is that the mom did NOT know that such drills were occurring (that's NOT specifically stated in anything that I've read on this, but I presume, for the moment that's the case). In other words, NO parental debate/input/etc. was asked for re the decision making process. Just another example of the incredible arrogance and smugness that abounds in society by the Powers That Be at all levels. At least if there was a parental organization type debate, and the decision was still made, that would have given any parent the time to withdraw their child from that school (such as placement in a private day care setting).

[*] posted on 23-6-2016 at 02:33
It is a sad reflection upon the society that permits these things to continue to occur. I wonder if that particular school has enough toilet cubicles for all the kids to hide in there. As if a deranged gunman is going to fall for the trick of toilet door locked, no legs dangling down, so cubicle must be empty. Perleeeze!!!!

[*] posted on 23-6-2016 at 00:46
I just heard an emergency preparedness worker talk about the need to rethink and revise procedures. Law enforcement people typically take charge, and bar everyone from entering until the location is entirely safe and secure. As a result, people who urgently need medical attention die, because the lifesavers are not allowed to enter.

Instead, the planner suggested that emergency health workers should be allowed into "warm zones" i.e. spots where no one is actively shooting (not entirely safe, but fairly safe, if there is no attacker at present and there is some police looking over the situation). EMTs could have movable victims brought there for treatment, or could go to people who cannot be moved as soon as the police have looked over the room, hallway, etc.

[*] posted on 22-6-2016 at 20:12
I liked living in America and have visited back and forth for 30 years but I don't think I'll ever go back and I do fret when my daughter visits.

[*] posted on 22-6-2016 at 19:30
The whole vid's on several newspaper sites.

America's love affair with guns makes such things good sense, I'd suggest, as Devil's Advocate.

[*] posted on 22-6-2016 at 15:49
It is with immeasurable anger and sadness that I post this. The topic of my post says it all and I will NOT dignify it with a URL.

And yes this had gone viral so hits will be numerous.

IMO the impact of this video on the movers and shakers ANYWHERE in this world of ours re 'change', i. e., NOT just in the USA will be zilch.

USA public schools have a "lockdown" procedure (but I don't know if that's 100% of the schools). I have zero idea re any of the details of how that works, what the children have to do when a lockdown occurs, etc.,. I do know from my local rag's news articles that when a crime occurs in proximity to a school (and I don't mean on the school premises/grounds) the school will go into lockdown [I presume that they get a call from thepolice but I don't know that, I. e., I believe the decision to call a lockdown ultimately rests with the school authorities]. There's even a procedure to notify parents via email/text messages when such an event occurs. These lockdowns occur a few times a week in various schools in the multiple towns in the area that the newspaper covers.

By the way, there is an image of this child standing on the toilet that's probably on any hit.