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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 11:35
Poster "Madurobob" said it was a statue "obviously built by an ancient civilisation that later departed Mars and settled Denmark".

You know, I've often suspected that about the Danes....

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 10:47
BBC I like the comments about Denmark at the bottom of this article. :D

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 09:58
Originally posted by Katzy
If it's a statue, who carved it? Scholar? :D

See, Katzy, you are making the common mistake of assuming that everything elsewhere works exactly as it does on earth.

Maybe on mars, the staues carve them selves. Ask Dr John's friend.

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 04:40
Looks like Bigfoot to me.

No wonder there haven't been any sightings of him lately.


[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 00:31
Originally posted by victor
He also plays the xylophone. ;)

Well thats easy smokin:

Looky here ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toxTt4GBN_8

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 00:26
He also plays the xylophone. ;)

[*] posted on 24-1-2008 at 00:23
Originally posted by Theravad
Originally posted by TooCute4Words

Made of rock

I saw Sir Patrick Moore announce it as a rock tonight so that is what it is :D


So did I :D

It is also quite small apparently. I like Sir Patrick Moore. He talks fast, but he's quite a comedian :P

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 22:48
Originally posted by TooCute4Words

Made of rock

I saw Sir Patrick Moore announce it as a rock tonight so that is what it is :D

dr john

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 22:08
I don't know how often I've had to say this, especially in a forum like this, but show a Thetan a camera and off they go, stripping immediately and posing provocatively!

Last time I spoke to Ergannnla (that's her in the picture) she just said "So what, it's our planet and soon all the others will be ours. humans are so easy to control too. Just show then a bare fraggolla and they can't take their eyes off of it. And if that doesn't work, well I'll just set Gruuntah on them". And there she is, posing and flashing her fraggolla shamelessly, with little Gruuntah the Xenu sitting there ready just in case (down near her feet).

Oh, she's just sooo shameless, sometimes it embarrasses me to admit we're friends. And still she hasn't realised that posing for every camera just doesn't leave her time to take over any other planet. Why do you think we continually send all these probes to her planet? she detects them with her radar senses and poses non-stop as they orbit around and a round. Keeps her occupied for decades, it's does! nananana

But at least she has a good sense of humour, here's one of her best ones -
did you hear the one about the Andromedian, the Thetan and the earthling who went drinking Zugga-Loo on Venus?
One pixellated the other and the third died graddiging!

You gotta laugh.

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 22:02
Another Alien with its hand out. ;)

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 21:17
If it's a statue, who carved it? Scholar? :D

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 20:38
Originally posted by John_Little
I dont understand all the fuss, its clearly only a statue.

Exactly :D

Made of rock

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 19:29
I dont understand all the fuss, its clearly only a statue.

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 19:20
It's an oddly shaped rock, very oddly shaped.

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 19:16
I just saw that on the news shocked_yellow

There is no way that a human being could exist on the planet anyway. Perhaps it's an oddly shaped rock?

Regarding 'Copyright'

(my lips are sealed lips_sealed)

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 19:10
Here it is

What do you think of the picture?

I did not reproduce it, with the copyright Barcroft Media on it . How do you suppose Barcroft got the copyright for a Mars photo?