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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 23:44
I'm with John. Never had issues with registry cleaners, but, if I do, I'll just use it an excuse to perform a system re-load anyway. I never keep critical data on an OS drive anyway.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 20:40
I THINK he has a W8 disaster and an XP one, too. ;)

BTW, I used to use a registry cleaner. For years, it was brilliant.

Then, just once, it wasn't brilliant.

Thing is, the one time they're not brilliant, you're fracked.

Never used one, since.

Never will.

I doubt they speed things up, nowadays, myself.


I happen to use O&O regedit, occasionally, to clear old entries manually, though.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 20:31
I thought scholar had something older.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 20:12
Yeah, you need to keep those that store login details and the like. Firefox used to be dire, with cookies.

I can't say that I've ever cleared a browser's cache. I really don't see the point, unless there's a nasty in there.

As for defragging, doesn't Windoze do that automatically, now? I thought it did, since W7.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 18:13
Originally posted by Katzy
Strange. The cache is actually meant to speed things up, as reading files from your HD is quicker than downloading them. Unless, of course, it's been corrupted.

Cookies... Tools menu, Options, Privacy.

I have completely neglected to empty the cache, and I think it fills up with images from rotating adverts that come up on pages that I visit. I think it was at a default setting of 350 Mb, and that was how much was full. If it overwrites the oldest stuff in the full cache, I think that was slowing it down. Or, am I mistaken?

Thank you for the info about deleting cookies. Do I need to worry about possibly deleting some cookie that does something beneficial when I return to a site? (E.g., is a cookie involved in getting me right back onto KF without logging in fresh each time?)

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 13:50
One of the anti-virus programmes or C cleaner can identify any "Potentially Unwanted Programmes" (PUPs) that can slow things down. And Spy bot or Malawarebyles can identify and eliminate things that monitor what you do and bring up adverts.

Some people advise against C Cleaner tinkering with your registry but I've never had a problem. And on a small disc, you can find that its struggling to find space for virtual memory to buffer and move things around.

So kick out the jams and check your registry and maybe have a look at the fragmentation on the disc.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 13:31
Strange. The cache is actually meant to speed things up, as reading files from your HD is quicker than downloading them. Unless, of course, it's been corrupted.

Cookies... Tools menu, Options, Privacy.

[*] posted on 3-7-2017 at 00:37
I managed to get the browser cache emptied, and it did speed up my browser. I still don't know about the cookie situation.

[*] posted on 1-7-2017 at 20:48
I've been advised to empty the computer cache and delete cookies to speed up the machine.

I've also heard it can be good to empty the browser cache from time to time. I use Firefox, and my machine has Windows 8.1.

How do I do these things?