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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 17-11-2015 at 23:51
No, John, you won't need to buy them online. All you need do is place them in the optical drive of your other pc, and use you favourite file manager to copy the contents to a memory stick.

FWIW All of my programs live on a drive on my file server, Windoze now lives on a memory stick. To reload from scratch, all I do is boot from memory stick, get windoze running, then re-load everything from my network. The only time I run into strife is when my file server (as in this thread) was playing up. And this was no greater issue because all the stuff was on one of its drives anyway.

[*] posted on 17-11-2015 at 09:51
We bought two new laptops lately. A Lenovo (with touch screen and a keyboard that folds over) and another Acer. The Acer has an optical drive but the Lenovo like many other more modern computers has not. No problem until I realised whilst loading my old copy of Audio Cleaning Lab and MS publisher that they are on CD. They are old programmes but still work well enough. Without the optical drive, I'd have to buy them online and download them and be dependant on a license to use them on any other computer I try to load them on.

[*] posted on 15-11-2015 at 11:18
Spent the day re-installing everything from scratch, so far, so good. It was really no more painful than a Win7 one.

I suspect that my issues may have been related to the upgrade. I can't recall if, after the upgrade, I then did a clean install. I detest upgrades as they are fraught with potential problems.

[*] posted on 15-11-2015 at 10:45
Your arrangement seems not dissimilar to mine, mate, with all those drives around. Only ever had a drive not get recognised, once. That was the 1tb thing, that had to go straight into a USB port.

**Scratches head**

[*] posted on 15-11-2015 at 00:03
No, the USB drives are all happy, they are all connected to the MOBO SATA ports. Gonna look at an OS refresh today, I think - cheapest fix. FYI This 'puter has 5 hdds connected to SATA, a BR/DVD drive also on SATA and three USB drives all connected to The MOBO, Keyboard and mouse are the only thing connected via Hub because the machine is mounted into a bookcase under the TV.

[*] posted on 14-11-2015 at 16:02
Set everything to uninstall, then reboot. :D

Are you plugging the drive straight into a USB port? Some drives won't work, if you plug them into a hub, for whatever reason.

[*] posted on 14-11-2015 at 13:57
Upgraded my media server to W10 a few weeks back and all ran well. I was given two computers to fix for people. One took nearly 2 full days just getting Windoze 7 to load - turned out he was (unbeknownst to him)given a "norty" copy. Fixed that, then his Office 2007 would not load - Key was OK just would not get past a certain point. Got that sorted and returned his machine. Hooray, thinks me, I can now get back to playing catch up on the various movies/tv shows that I had lost track of. My bloody Media server then decides that my 1Tb SATA Video drive is only 33mb. Turns out it's a known issue with Gigabyte Mobos and their BIOS Backup routine. Two days later, and a lot of stuffing around (trying to find this info out) I finally manage to restore the drive to its former glory. Re-install drive to machine, ensuring that it is NOT the first drive in the drive list (for some reason, regardless of the boot order, BIOS gets backed up to the first drive). Power machine up and get a "checking drive for errors" message, only to find that my Documents drive has decided to take a holiday. More critical than losing 1Tb of videos even though it is only about 120Gb. Two more days of stuffing around to recover the data off that drive as something decided that the drive was a RAW drive even though it had a drive letter assigned to it, and I did not have large enough drive to just make an image and then recover data (all other, large, drives were nearing capacity, so I had to stuff around with some 80Gb drives and eventually managed to recover most of the data. I've now got to work through it and sort it again. So far, so good, sort of.

NOW the bloody machine has forgotten it has an optical drive!!!!!!! It's there in BIOS, just not in Windoze!!!!!!angrymad2angrymad2angrymad2

I'm starting to wonder if my MOBO or PSU is failing except that the issues are random and I cannot pin them down to one channel or one power lead.

I've moved drives around and the problem seems to follow the drive - except that this has now occurred on 3 different drives on different channels. If 'twer PSU I'd expect all drives on the bus to fail, not just one.

As I've established that BIOS sees the drive yet WINDOZE does not I thought (dangerous thing, that) I'll just open device manager and re "discover" it - nope! doesn't even acknowledge anything on that channel!!!! Looks like I'm about to re-load Windoze on this machine again!!!! I hope that fixes it 'cause I don't fancy being able to afford a new MOBO, CPU, RAM and PSU in the near future!

End of Rant!!!!!!