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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 4-5-2008 at 22:22
I've stuck sp3 on the Lappy now, just out of curiosity... No noticeable improvement whatsoever for me....

I've slipstreamed it onto my XP disc though, which'll save me having to get nigh on 100 updates before I start installing everything, which can only be a good thing...!

I'll try the slipstreamed version on the lappy one day... ;)

[*] posted on 1-5-2008 at 14:17
Ah! That explains it, Pity they couldn't explain that, though.

[*] posted on 1-5-2008 at 14:15
That's because although SP3 is now RTM, MS found a compatibility issue with systems running Microsoft Dynamics RMS...

Until RMS has been updated the only way to get SP3 is from the direct download.

[*] posted on 1-5-2008 at 13:17
I actually went looking for it on the windoze website and could only find documentation that told me how great it was, no mention of the Service Pack itself. I wonder if they'll release it as a CD like they have in the past.

[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 19:50
I won't be bothering.

After all, it's only going to contain all the fixes that we already have and others that'll get installed by Winderz update...
John Barnes

[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 16:05
I banged the beta release candidate on weeks ago so i will now uninstall it and put on the genuine full release I had no problems with the RC version it took a load of updates off in the Add and Remove in the control panel . in fact I actually slipstreamed it onto my system disc of which I will do with the full release jmb

[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 13:21
Originally posted by Daz
Anybody been brave enough to stick sp3 on yet...? I'll think I'll try it on the Laptop first, as that's not so important as the main rig...!!!

Let me know how it works for you.

I'll do it only after backing up ALL my images to the external rig first.


[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 13:13
Anybody been brave enough to stick sp3 on yet...? I'll think I'll try it on the Laptop first, as that's not so important as the main rig...!!!

[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 13:13
Originally posted by Katzy
It's a bug-fix for W95. :D

Yup, the fix for W98 should be ready by Christmas.


(Must check out that real download, however)


[*] posted on 30-4-2008 at 13:12
It's a bug-fix for W95. :D

[*] posted on 29-4-2008 at 22:53
The final XP SP3 can now be downloaded.

[*] posted on 14-3-2008 at 19:50
thanks a lot DMwright, that will do

[*] posted on 14-3-2008 at 19:28
All Microsoft have said is the final release will be in the first half of 2008..

..so, before the end of June is about as close as we can get at the moment.
(and that's subject to change)

[*] posted on 14-3-2008 at 18:56
window xp sp3 Betta version was recently released. i would like to know when they intend to release Master Gold xp sp3. does anyone knows the answer . many thanks