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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 21-10-2012 at 15:36
I'm always visible - even when I'm elsewhere! :P

[*] posted on 21-10-2012 at 11:33
Ah yes, the cloak of invisibility, marvellous isn't it ?

BTW - I fear you've pressed the wrong button because you're still visible, an easy mistake to make, of course.

[*] posted on 21-10-2012 at 10:15
Oddly I got signed out of this forum by stealth...

[*] posted on 20-10-2012 at 21:56
Originally posted by delanti

He has signed 140 orders in less than 4 years compared to GWB's 184 in 8 years. I just find all that interesting.waveysmiley

There's a good reason for that, GWB was none too bright and had difficulties signing his own name, let alone loads of Presidential Executive orders.

In any case, he was preoccupied trying to think of excuses in case he was tried for war crimes, allegedly.

[*] posted on 20-10-2012 at 21:44
I don't know RW, I hear those North woods squirrels prefer Repubnuts. The Repubnuts know when they are ripe and fall off the tree making gathering easy. The Demnuts even when ripe refuse to fall and have to be beaten to get them to do what they know is right and fall off the tree.nananana

Joking aside, I was reading the Presidential Executive order records and find it interesting that your man in the White House was sworn in the 20th day of January and on the 21st day of January he signed his first executive order. Want to guess what it was? Order 13489

He has signed 140 orders in less than 4 years compared to GWB's 184 in 8 years. I just find all that interesting.waveysmiley

[*] posted on 20-10-2012 at 21:17
Apparently, Earl the squirrel ate 9 peanuts out of Romney's bowl, but only 5 out of Obama's, which he claims is positive proof Romney will win, however other more knowledgeable experts claim he's just nuts.

[*] posted on 20-10-2012 at 19:49
Surely the squirrel wouldn't be daft enough to come here ?

[bad img]http://r9.fodey.com/2233/225de46e72a847c696d8fa2739302f20.0.gif[/bad img]

[*] posted on 20-10-2012 at 19:35
I'm watching this part of the forum like an eagle sizes up a squirrel for dinner.

I've seen eagles snatch squirrels out of trees many times. So I know how it's done.

You've been warned.