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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 5-12-2009 at 11:00
I made some king and barnes and, apart from the fact that I overdid the hops by mistake, it was quite good.

[*] posted on 5-12-2009 at 10:51
Originally posted by John_Little
You can buy a book called "Brewing beer like those you buy" that has all the recipes in.

The trouble is, it rarely tastes like a beer that you can buy. :o

[*] posted on 5-12-2009 at 10:49
Oh, and a few glasses.

[*] posted on 5-12-2009 at 10:48
You can buy a book called "Brewing beer like those you buy" that has all the recipes in. The methos isn't hard. You just need a large cool box to steep the malt in for a couple of hours at the right temperture and then a large pot to boil the hops in. Then a fermentation bin and lots of bottles or a barrel.

[*] posted on 5-12-2009 at 05:20
Originally posted by John_Little

Now we're talking good beer beer2) How I miss English beer :(:(:(

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 23:30
No, that's Dido, but she's not extinct.

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 23:28
Originally posted by Katzy
What's a dildo? [bad img]http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/a176.gif[/bad img]

Surely its an extinct bird. ;)

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 22:14
So it didn't tickle her fancy, then?

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 22:11
I bought one in Blackpool whilst on a union conference. I walked past the shop every day for a week and noticed this thing. It had a torch attachment and a vacuum cleaner attachment. I bought it on the last day. Mrs L was not as amused as I thought she might be.

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 22:09
I'm not too sure, but they sell them on the Tiscali Erotica site.

As far as I can make out, they require batteries.

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 21:58
What's a dildo? [bad img]http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/a176.gif[/bad img]

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 21:54
Look. There is nothing wrong with the odd glass of gin. Specially when you run out of Marstons.

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 18:14
At least they didn't force you to drink Gin. :D

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 17:31
Relating a story that was straight out of a Rod Serling movie, the Nation's highest ranking Democratic female told supporters of how an alien space ship, or UFO, descended down and 'sucked up her Pontiac' as she drove down Constitution Avenue on her way to the festivities.

'I felt all tingly and stuff and when I looked up I saw a giant dildo-like ship hovering above my car!'

Don't you just hate it when that happens? They did that to me once, but instead of tea, that gave me several beer tasting drinks.

[*] posted on 4-12-2009 at 15:09
Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims she was kidnapped by dildo-shaped UFO for the fifth time!

Don't panic, Obama is fully aware of this shocking incident.