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Topic Review
John Barnes

[*] posted on 29-11-2009 at 18:23
Didn't ALL the land get covered by water even above mount Everest
in Noah's flood? it did say all the land so why cant it happen again in the mind of Mr Gore remember 2012 is only two years away. jmb

PS- where did all the water go after the Gilgamesh/Noah flood and were they the same flood or separate ones ?. So The Gore flood
will be number 3 or number 4 to those in Cumbria in England

[*] posted on 29-11-2009 at 14:11
Have you ever seen "When the Wind blows"? Scholar? That is a wholly ficticious cartoon by Raymond Briggs. It isn't real - yet, thank goodness, but it is what could happen if we are not careful.

This is a legitimate method of encouraging people to be responsible.

[*] posted on 29-11-2009 at 14:02
You can enjoy Nick Griffin's rants then.

I suspect you have other policies in common too.

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 16:53
Since it is not politics, nor is it specific to the U.S., it should go back to discussion, and we could discuss the questions I mentioned.

Is it wrong to go so far in painting a picture of doom? Or, does it just show that little thought goes into what is produced? Or is it acceptable, an example of hyperbole in picture to make a point?

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 16:30
Perhaps it should be moved to the photography forum?

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 16:26
This post has nothing to do with politics, or specifically with the US. Al Gore holds no political office, and has repeatedly said he has no plans to run for anything. His focus for many years now has been to persuade the masses that for them to use fuel in their cars and homes will destroy the planet (worldwide, not any particular country). He says this while he jets around the world to speaking engagements in his private jet, with a motorcade of big cars taking him to each podium, when he is not in his giant mansion. His hypocrisy is evident when he tells everyone to live as he is unwilling to live.

His phony picture has Cuba underwater and a hurricane on the Equator. How is the ocean rising 6000 feet, or an impossible hurricane, part of US politics? Neither are in the US, and neither have anything to do with politics.

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 15:50
I'll second that. waveysmiley

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 15:39
We should have a fantasy forum.

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 15:24
Originally posted by Mary2

Politics surely.

Agreed - duly moved!

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 13:27
Clutching at straws, I'd say.

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 13:24

Politics surely.

[*] posted on 20-11-2009 at 13:14
If your present career is based on a phony theory, and the earth does not cooperate by continuing to get warmer while the CO2 levels continue to rise, what do you do to make a visual impression on people, whom you wish to stampede in favor of your theory?

You doctor up a fake photo that shows the world as you imagine it will be.

In Gore's face version, a typhoon from the Southern hemisphere is put in the Northern hemisphere. There is a problem with that--it is rotating in the wrong direction! No such storm ever rotated that way in the Northern hemisphere in real life.

Gore's fake picture locates another one on the Equator. No, that never happens, either. The forces that cause storm rotation north or south are at equilibrium at the Equator. Perhaps you've heard of the doldrums: wind-sail ships used to sometimes stall near the Equator, where there might not be enough wind energy to move them for days at a time.

Notice that Cuba vanishes entirely on Planet Gore. He is imagining that the oceans have risen to the point that Cuba is underwater. The highest point in Cuba is Pico Turquino at 2,005 meters above sea level. So, in Gore's picture, the oceans have risen over 6000 feet!shocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellow

Should anyone listen to this man?

Is it OK to use "artistic license" in exaggerating the imagined effects? Or is it wrong? Or does the problem lie only in the exaggerations being done so badly as to be impossible?