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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 11-8-2009 at 15:50
Originally posted by marymary100
Isn't this man the one who claimed to have no health insurance despite the fact he does through his wife?

That approach would only make sense as an argument for the Democrat plan, since its advocates say that the problem of payment for health care for people without insurance is their main reason for introducing the "government option," and for increasing taxes to give or subsidize insurance for the uninsured.

Whatever his position, he ought not have been attacked and injured.

Today, I have been listening to recordings of people who have concerns and questions about the Democrat plan complaining that they have been locked out of some of these meetings, while those who support the Democrat plan are ushered in. Some of those who are staging these events want only friendly questions.:(

[*] posted on 11-8-2009 at 09:57
Isn't this man the one who claimed to have no health insurance despite the fact he does through his wife?

[*] posted on 10-8-2009 at 20:18
Originally posted by scholar

Seriously, when was the last time you saw an American wearing a swastika to a Town Hall meeting, as Pelosi described?

You REALLY don't want to know.


[*] posted on 10-8-2009 at 19:55
John L, I just clicked on each link and did not see any reference to brown shirts in any ads. Perhaps the ads rotate between different selections.

[*] posted on 10-8-2009 at 19:42
I was interested by the advert on that page saying something like "See what our brown shirts can do for you"

The Brown Shirts in Britain were the nazi supporters of Mosley. Is there a connection?

[*] posted on 10-8-2009 at 19:29
Nancy Pelosi has described those who appear at meetings to oppose the Democrat plans as carrying swastikas. Obama has said he doesn't want to hear from people who are part of the problem. Democrat leaders have said the folks who show up in opposition are not real, grass-roots people because they dress too nicely. They have been called disruptive mobs. Pelosi has said such opposition is un-American. Supposedly, they are organized and paid for by the insurance companies.shocked_yellow

What do Democrat leaders hope to accomplish by telling those who disagree with them that they are a disruptive, unAmerican, swastika-carrying mob?confused2shocked_yellow Or that they are financed by the insurance companies?

This approach sounds CRAZY to me. If you tell lies about a person, that person won't believe the lies--he knows he came from his own desire. How can the Democrat leaders think that will advance their cause?

There are people (including many members here at KF) who think that national health care is a good way to distribute health services. The Democrat national-health-insurance and federal oversight of all private insurance seem to many Americans to at least be a good effort toward financing health care for poor people. Why don't they discuss the plans on the basis of what they think is good in it? Why won't they discuss fixing the problems? Why won't they improve the system in other ways, too, since they want to overhaul the system?

It seems stupid, to me, to 1) Deny the problems that have been written into the plan (such as, the government is given information about each person's bank account, so that the government can use electronic withdrawal to take money they consider owed to the government for health care) 2) Tell the opponents they are an unAmerican, angry mob, not worth hearing.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw an American wearing a swastika to a Town Hall meeting, as Pelosi described?

[*] posted on 10-8-2009 at 19:05
He went to the hospital to be treated for his injuries after the Carnahan Town Hall meeting, from which many people who wished to ask questions and bring concerns about the Democrat health plan were excluded. He was attacked by union muscle. Six people were arrested, 4 of whom were union thugs.

This did not scare him off. He is still speaking out (now, from a wheel-chair).


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