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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 23:48
I have removed the pic. I was worried that the e-mail might well be accurate and linked to their paypal which has been hacked. Most social media sites can have one or two step authentication. e-mail is usually only one step and then you have to use a mobile phone number or another e-mail to verify a change of password etc. IF the e-mail is linked to the person of that name it makes their online presence much less secure if it's available for others to hack online after seeing the pic online.

[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 23:24
Originally posted by marymary100
I can remove the screen grab if you wish and you can put up an obscured one.

Yes that sounds good, i. e., I presume that you mean just crossing out the email address.

A related question: I presume that you are a FB user. Do FB users have a valid email address as part of their profile/user account? I'm wondering how whoever did this obtained the email address? I'm finding it difficult to believe that FB users would willing put their email addresses out there. [secondly, I'm finding it quite difficult, given the volume of occurrences, to remember just what site (and the user accounts) have beenhacked, and likely put up for sale on the dark web, etc.,].

There is ALWAYS an issue with opening up what strikes me as a suspicious email because that in an of itself could spawn a virus. But on the other hand, at the very least I'm wondering/considering IF I should contact PayPal (whose involvement I would only know about by opening the email), to include what good would it do me!!! I posted this, in part, to see if anyone else had gotten this type of email and what happened, to include a PayPal contact scenario. I use PayPal so infrequently that I don't even know if it's possible to "monitor" my account (re a charge to it); as best as I can remember, the last time I used PayPal they sent me a confirmation/receipt email [to a different email address that I have]. The layout of the email does NOT resemble anything that I've ever seen before [previously I used PayPal to pay a online vendor, and the vendor, I think, sent mea confirmation email (as well as did PayPal)].

[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 22:41
I can remove the screen grab if you wish and you can put up an obscured one.

[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 22:29
Originally posted by marymary100
Juli is a seemingly real person who has posted photos of her animals and family on FB. So, I'd probably obscure her e-mail on your screen grab just in case.

The time frame for editing my post has passed.

If what you suggest can be done, I presume that it would have to by a moderator.

[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 19:56
Juli is a seemingly real person who has posted photos of her animals and family on FB. So, I'd probably obscure her e-mail on your screen grab just in case.

[*] posted on 2-12-2017 at 19:15
IF the email that I received is indeed fraudulent/a scam, it is a new type to me re the way that it is set up.

I received an email today supposedly from PayPal re a purchase (see the embedded image). I do have a PayPal account that's been dormant for years.

All the "stuff" in the image has nothing to do with me, at all, to include the 'purchaser', i. e., I do NOT know that individual.

I have no intention of contacting the purchaser; and of course I have no idea how this wound up getting sent to me, i. e., who has my email address.

There was NO file attachment to this email.

In the embedded image, you will see at the very bottom the words "Resolution Center"; it's not obvious in the image, but that's a hot wired link. I did not click on it.

IF there are additional emails, I will create an addendum to this topic. If I receive the halter, i. e., it winds up getting shipped to me, I guess I will have to take up horseback riding.

FYI: there really is a "Tea, SD" (I didn't check the demographics, but it's big enough to have its own school system--SD is a very sparsely populated state); there must me quite a story behind how this place got its name.