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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 20-6-2015 at 07:05
The name of the "infected" file might give us some clues as to what it is, and, of course, the exact text of the infection message.

[*] posted on 19-6-2015 at 12:20
Funny thing... A while back, Avast's forum was infected with a virus. Very quickly, they blamed the software, for having a security hole. Sadly, for them, it was proven that they'd lied. It transpired that what had actually happened, was that one of the forum's admins used the same password on many sites and his password had been hacked, from a different site, and used to gain access to the forum.

Silly bugger.

[*] posted on 18-6-2015 at 13:46
Be very aware of when calling in to Avast tech support (I think that it's available for both the free and paid Avast) of their trying to sell you, out of the blue while talking with their tech support person, additional software to "cleanse" your system [this occurred about 6 months ago andI'm not remembering if it was with my free [on one machine] or paid subscription [on another] Avast).

[*] posted on 18-6-2015 at 11:09
Originally posted by scholar...is this an automatic feature?

If you set it that way, yes. :)

I got rid of Avast, a while back, because it handles false-positives really badly. At least, the paid-for version did. As I use a lot of so-called "portable" software, which some AVs class as virii, I got a bit annoyed with it and switched to AVG. Oddly enough, I had AVG when I very first went online, yonks back, and their update servers kept dying, so I went with Avira. But, their "Ignore this" thingy only lasted until you rebooted, irritatingly.

I'm finding the current (supposedly) paid-for version to be pretty good.
John Barnes

[*] posted on 18-6-2015 at 06:45
Go to start in the little box at the bottom where it says Search files and folders . type in CMD this brings up a command prompt box, right Click on it to be made administrator, accept and where the flashing cursor is Type this SFC/ scannow this will run a full check on all your files and folders and should replace any faulty ones . after this is done update your virus protection and then run a full scan, hope fully without delving further this should bring your computer back to normality jmb

[*] posted on 18-6-2015 at 00:35
Is this the free Avast?
Also, what OS you running these days?

Also, is the computer password protected so only Ruby and yourself can access it?

The last prevents semi-computer literate types from downloading norty stuff.

[*] posted on 17-6-2015 at 23:53
When I came upstairs to check the e-mail on our computer just now, there was a DOS-ish looking screen saying that Avast! had scanned files in my computer and found one infected file.

I had not asked Avast to do anything--is this an automatic feature? No one here at the house would have done it--the one other person who is computer-literate was away.

There was aquestion- option to put the infected file in the "chest," I think. Should I do that?

Chrome came on, without me clicking on it, a little earlier. I stopped using Chrome some time back because it had been doing things without my instructions, and I thought it may have had a virus. Perhaps the infected file is part of Chrome? Or attached to it?

We haven't heard from our former Australian expert on these things for quite a while. I think he said he was moving to France. But, I know we have some very smart computer people here.

What should I do?