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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 2-10-2008 at 08:53
If you want an Open Source (free - as in beer) alternative:


coupled with ClamAV gives full virus protection too.

To find truely open alternatives to popular programme try here:


Pete Hill

[*] posted on 1-10-2008 at 19:31
Cheers Daz, thanks for the advice.

[*] posted on 1-10-2008 at 00:33
Originally posted by Pete Hill

Daz, why shouldn't I use Spybot along with Malwarebytes?


You can happily use both, but I wouldn't advise scanning with them both at the same time though, as they may clash with each other and cause problems. Run one until it completes, and then run the other. (Sorry, I didn't explain that properly previously.)

[*] posted on 30-9-2008 at 12:53
Originally posted by Daz
Eh? There's a freebie version of SAS mate, I've used it, and still have it on the HDD. Just checked their site, and it still looks like it's listed to me...?

Oh, yeah. Forgot about the freebie. Mine's the "COO!" version, of course. ;)
Pete Hill

[*] posted on 30-9-2008 at 12:11
Thanks everyone.
Will try ZAfree firewall and will stick with AVGfree as it has been OK for me so far.
Daz, why shouldn't I use Spybot along with Malwarebytes? I always used Spybot along with Lavasoft Adawarefree and Adaware would pick up things that Spybot missed.


[*] posted on 30-9-2008 at 00:34
Originally posted by Katzy
Super AntiSpyware ain't free ;) , but it's the mutt's nuts.

Eh? There's a freebie version of SAS mate, I've used it, and still have it on the HDD. Just checked their site, and it still looks like it's listed to me...?

[*] posted on 29-9-2008 at 20:04
My firewall has all that stuff, built in. (Tiny)

It's a bugger if you forget to disable it, when you go and do the Micro$oft update" thing...

[*] posted on 29-9-2008 at 17:34
You might not have spotted it yet but MalwareBytes comes with a nice bonus. Right-click a downloaded file and it will scan it for malware.

I know most anti-virus proggies do this anyway, but it's nice to have an alternative. And I do have a lot of faith in Malware Bytes!

[*] posted on 29-9-2008 at 12:27
I agree with Daz about the Firewall issue, I've used, and still recommend ZA- free, and, at the moment am using Comodo. Comodo seems very comprehensive and covers some of the bases that Spybot's Tea Timer covers. I'm not entirely "sold" on Comodo as it does appear to be quite intrusive compared to ZA and Spybot, so I'm still "evaluating" it.

[*] posted on 29-9-2008 at 10:28
Super AntiSpyware ain't free ;) , but it's the mutt's nuts.

Takes hours to do a full scan, but it sure is thorough!

[*] posted on 28-9-2008 at 23:11
The XP Firewall is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

ZoneAlarm Firewall

Comodo Firewall

There are a couple firewall's to choose from, ZA is my preferred choice, (FREE version, not the god-damn awful Pro version).

Though Comodo is rated highly, I'm just not overly keen, as for me, (like ZA Pro) it tries to do too much. Though it is very good, just not my preferred choice.

AVG is very popular, personally, I'm not a fan at all. I used it for a while on my (non critical) laptop, and I caught a cold using it.

If you want free, I'd use either of these, both of which I've been happy with.

Avira AntiVir Personal

avast! 4 Home Edition

I also use Spybot, along with Malwarebytes as well. (Not together, obviously)
Pete Hill

[*] posted on 28-9-2008 at 21:01
Thanks LS.
Ran Spybot (found no problems) then ran Malwarebytes which found 12 including 3 trojans.(cheers Daz)
I am also using AVG Free and Spywareblaster as well as standard Windows xp firewall.
I will probably get rid of Lavasoft Adaware and stick with Malwarebytes from now on as it seems quick as well as efficient.
Any comments or advice would be welcome.
Thanks folks

[*] posted on 28-9-2008 at 13:07
Spybot and Adaware tend to overlap in their targets. I'd run a Spybot scan first, clean up the system, and then try ad-aware again. What other security are you running, Pete? Anti virus? Firewall?
Pete Hill

[*] posted on 27-9-2008 at 23:52
Thanks Daz
I already have Spybot and have now downloaded Malwarebytes and will run a full scan tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

[*] posted on 27-9-2008 at 22:53

Malwarebytes (Quality)

Spybot - Search & Destroy

Or Ewido... (Google)
Pete Hill

[*] posted on 27-9-2008 at 19:58
Hi everyone,
having a problem with Lavasoft Adaware Free edition.
It has been scanning noe for over 3 hours (3rd time of trying) and keeps getting "stuck".
It says it has found 8 infections but it won't continue to the end of the scan so that I can get rid of them.
Has anyone got a good free alternative to Adaware that I can try?