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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 5-8-2008 at 01:08
Thanks for all your help and advice guys, everything is back to normal again thanks to you....waveysmiley

[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 22:47
As suggested,uninstall MyWebSearch and remove the virus scanner as you only need the one.Everything else is fine.

To remove Mcafee...


[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 22:46
I know it is a bad idea having 2 anti-virus running but I have tried to uninstall McAfee and I couldn't get rid of it, I will use that shredder programme to get rid.

[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 22:09
For one thing, having two antivirus programs installed is not a good idea, coz they'll interfere with each-other and confuse things.

Also, you have m3srchmn.exe (Part of MyWebSearch) running, which is a known nasty.


[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 21:52
I have replaced my old anti-virus with McAfee the one that came with the Broadband and a week later I noticed my PC is not functioning as normal so I run McAfee which did not come up with anything but the PC was still playing up until I re-install my old anti-virus AVG and scan my PC I was surprised to see warning all over the place, it found 3 viruses “Trojan horse” and 84 spyware, I have managed to clean all the spyware but not all the Trojan Horses, now my PC will not allow me to get into Help & Support so I can not restore the system to a previous date and I can not receive any update either, now even the 3 programs to clean up (CWShredder, Spybot, Lavasoft) can not get any update coz they can not connet to server.

[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 14:31
Hi abbs, welcome back! I moved your post to the Virus help forum, as it's more likely to get the appropriate consideration here.

Have a read here:
and here:
These will both go a long way toward resolving your problems. Pancake is our resident expert and will guide you through the rest.

[*] posted on 4-8-2008 at 13:51

I’ve recently change my internet provider and with the package I got free McAfee anti-virus, I was running AVG before but since the licence ended I though it was a good idea to use the free anti-virus that came with the Broadband; 3 weeks later I noticed my PC became slow so I run McAfee to scan the PC which did not come up with anything but the PC keeps acting funny so I tried to uninstall McAfee and re-install it but that would not work then I decided to install a trial version of AVG 8 and run it and when I did I was surprised to find 3 Trojan horse and 184 spyware that could not be detected by McAfee, ever since then I couldn’t get any update for my pc and I couldn’t get into Help & support to restore my PC.

Any ideas guys would be helpful.shocked_yellow