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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 9-7-2015 at 03:59
BOT, Here is an good view on religion.

[*] posted on 8-7-2015 at 11:50
Originally posted by marymary100
I can't tell you what I first read when I looked at "inky dinks"...lips_sealed

Possibly of my brother's 'unmentionable' places which I mentioned earlier!!waveysmiley

[*] posted on 8-7-2015 at 11:19
I can't tell you what I first read when I looked at "inky dinks"...lips_sealed
the bear

[*] posted on 8-7-2015 at 10:26
Tattoos are something you like or hate, I have a large themed tattoo on both shoulders and my back but are not on show to other people.

I don't like tattoos on people which makes them look like a "graffiittied" wall and "inky dinks" look even worse.

With me it wasn't a case of misspent youth as I was 46 when I started to have my design done.

Regards the Bear waveysmiley

[*] posted on 8-7-2015 at 10:00
I don't mind a bit of small decoration. But, the human body is a beautiful thing and going too far seems... well... odd.

I have to confess that I got mine, just after my wife ran off, yonks back. My cat, Tiki, died a few days later and it was a kind of tribute, to her.

I'd had Tiki for twenty-four years.

[*] posted on 7-7-2015 at 17:37
Just my opinion, Badgergirl, when they are excessive, I find them quite sinister in the same way I find clowns sinister. But then - variety is the spice of life they say!

[*] posted on 7-7-2015 at 10:53
Originally posted by Nimuae
Tattoos - of what ever persuasion - are horrid and would have me running for the door!

That's not very nice Nim. :(

They aren't to my taste but it's just ink!

[*] posted on 7-7-2015 at 06:09
Originally posted by the bear
Tattoos, // Modern tribalisum smokin:

Ps. 78% of the people that got tattoos in 2014 were females shocked_yellow

Regards the Bear

Scary thought Mr Bear !
the bear

[*] posted on 7-7-2015 at 00:34
Tattoos, // Modern tribalisum smokin:

Ps. 78% of the people that got tattoos in 2014 were females shocked_yellow

Regards the Bear

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 22:06
I don't like Tatts personally, but that does not preclude anyone from making their own decisions. As Nim has said, age takes its toll on tatts, too. FWIW Daughter has a small one on her right shoulder. It looks ok but that's about as far as I go in "praise". :(

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 13:06
Oh, I'd never take offence, over something like that. :)

We iz wot we iz an' all that. :D

My pseudo-daughter has the tree of life, on her back. Can't say I'm enamoured, myself. But, she's an adult, after all.

Kinda. ;)

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 09:05
Little ones are not so bad, Katsy, and I did not mean to offend anyone - it is a very personal choice.

My brother was in the Royal Navy - and he had hundreds of the things!
Arms, legs, back, chest - and other places, unmentionable on a public forum ! He looked dreadful naked and bitterly regretted having them in later years when age had faded some, distorted others and would have had them removed - but - my sister in law liked them

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 08:40
I have a small tattoo of a kitten, on my arm, Nim. :)

I must confess that I abhor the huge ones, though. My sis-in-law has had a massive tattoo, on her thigh, of Betty Boop, or something equally odd.

It looks revolting, I have to say.

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 07:26
Tattoos - of what ever persuasion - are horrid and would have me running for the door!
the bear

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 02:57
I like her style smokin:

Regards the Bear waveysmiley

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 02:44
Practical Christianity! She is probably far closer to what Jesus was when he was on earth.

[*] posted on 6-7-2015 at 00:23


At the House for All Sinners and Saints in the US city of Denver, a foul-mouthed tattoo-loving Lutheran pastor who was once a Pagan, an alcoholic and a stand-up comedian, is reinventing church.
Nadia Bolz Weber walks through the glass doors and immediately commands attention. She is 6'1" (185cm), has short, salt-and-pepper hair slicked back from her face, wears dark pink lipstick, and her bare arms are well-toned from many hours spent lifting weights in the gym. There is no dog collar this morning.
But I get a clear view of her trademark tattoos. Elaborate, colourful images extend all the way up both arms. Closer inspection reveals characters and scenes from the Bible.
"I've got images from the entire liturgical year," she says, pointing to her left arm. "There's the Angel Gabriel, Elizabeth and Zacharias for Advent, the creche scene for Christmas, Jesus in the desert for Lent, Good Friday and the crucifixion, the angel and the women at the empty tomb for Easter and Mary and the Apostles with flames on their heads for Pentecost."
That is just one side. She turns to show me her right arm where she has a large tattoo of Mary Magdalene, a follower of Jesus, who is often described as a prostitute. Bolz Weber disagrees, suggesting texts in the Bible are being misinterpreted, and that as the first person to meet Jesus after the resurrection, "She is the apostle to the apostles. She was the first preacher in a sense." She describes Mary as her patroness. "She's fierce," she adds, meaning "cool"...