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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 26-1-2015 at 02:44
Originally posted by LSemmens
Did it impress you?

As good, if not better, than I expected, actually.

[*] posted on 25-1-2015 at 04:57
Did it impress you?

[*] posted on 25-1-2015 at 03:14
First 13x19 inch print made.


[*] posted on 25-1-2015 at 02:25
We had a table strong enough yet would fit in my home office next to my desk. We've been setting it up for 30 minutes now.

Aligning the print head now, one of the last steps.


[*] posted on 24-1-2015 at 16:41
Best part is he's letting me pay for it in two payments starting in two weeks yet I have it home already.

[*] posted on 24-1-2015 at 14:38
Well done for getting the printer at 10th of the published price:clap) Brilliant start to 2015kewl_glasses
Originally posted by LSemmens
I don't use them enough and the ink dries in the nozzles.

Mine too, have to go through the cleaning cycle every time:(
The one I'm using is at least 6 years old.

[*] posted on 24-1-2015 at 07:08
Sounds like a good deal! I must admit, I've given up on inkjets, I don't use them enough and the ink dries in the nozzles. When I can justify it, I shall purchase a colour laser. I already have a mono laser/fax machine.

[*] posted on 24-1-2015 at 00:33
The staff photographer ALSO bought a new 7D Mark II and went with a bundle deal where he saved $600 on the camera body, the latest version of Adobe Lightroom and THIS printer with a rebate from Canon.

He didn't need the printer, so he sold it to me for $100 along with 50 sheets of 13"x 19" semi-gloss paper it came with. You can get this printer new for $400-$450, not the $999 that Canon charges.

Not Scholar-level generosity on the part of my co-worker but I couldn't pass it up.

Now to make room for it in my home office. Thing is MONSTROUS!

[*] posted on 22-1-2015 at 02:33
40D batteries are the pits. That's why I have seven, so I could shoot all day if necessary at rock festivals.

7D batteries are newer and hold up better, from what I've been told. More capacity, for starters.

HOWEVER, my memory cards can't keep up with the camera!

Going to have to get faster ones.

[*] posted on 21-1-2015 at 23:50
You Have 7 40Ds????shocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellowOh!, you mean, batteries.:(

Just out of curiosity, how long/many shots do you get out of a battery? I've never managed to run my battery flat.

[*] posted on 21-1-2015 at 13:00
Originally posted by Redwolf5150
UPS tracking says "Out for Delivery!"

[bad img]http://www.christart.com/IMAGES-art9ab/clipart/1356/mp-ss029c.png[/bad img]

[*] posted on 21-1-2015 at 12:43
UPS tracking says "Out for Delivery!"

[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 13:00
And with the $50 I saved, I was able to find a sweet deal on a three-pack of extra batteries for the beast, giving me a total of 4.

Good news is, the batteries are the same as the camera I'd LOVE to get in a couple years.

Just wish it would have used the same battery as my 40D, which I have SEVEN of in total.

[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 03:18
Will stick with my Minolta for now

[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 01:35
Saved $50, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Will be here Wednesday.

[*] posted on 18-1-2015 at 23:59
I only have a 1000D but am very happy with that, just need a few more lenses. I currently only have a 70-200 zoom which works well for landscapes but is a pain in a room, My next investment will most likely be the standard nifty 50.

[*] posted on 18-1-2015 at 02:54
Originally posted by marymary100
One of my work cameras is a Canon. I have to be honest when I ordered it I didn't quite get that I needed more than the body...lips_sealed

Memory card is worth $100 locally. I'll be giving the camera bag to my step-daughter for her rig.

The monopod I will be using a LOT.

[*] posted on 17-1-2015 at 16:40
One of my work cameras is a Canon. I have to be honest when I ordered it I didn't quite get that I needed more than the body...lips_sealed

[*] posted on 17-1-2015 at 16:13
This would be my first PROFESSIONAL GRADE body since I left the Army.

[*] posted on 17-1-2015 at 16:12
Waiting on a quote for THIS with a professional discount.

Working for a newspaper has its advantages. Even though I'd be paying for it myself, it would be MY camera, not the paper's. And if I can get it for 10% or so less than list, I'm happy and, most of all, JACKIE'S happy.