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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 23-3-2009 at 20:57
Originally posted by Faolan
Of course Windows 7 is even better!

That's my usual operating philosophy:

Skip a generation on OS upgrades.


[*] posted on 23-3-2009 at 20:16
Oh I don't know the underlying graphics engine in Vista is a lot better than XP when you're using 24in monitors ;)

I have had no issues with Vista x64 since last December in fact I find CS 4 runs better under Vista than it does under XP with the same hardware.

Of course Windows 7 is even better!

[*] posted on 23-3-2009 at 17:50
I'm on CS4 now but refuse to go to Vista in any flavor!


[*] posted on 23-3-2009 at 06:33
Just a heads up for anyone using Vista 64 / Photoshop CS 4. Noise Ninja is now 64bit aware.

Bit late to the party :D

[*] posted on 27-2-2009 at 13:32
I've used NN for a long time, but I rarely need it for the work I do. I've used their tech support and they responded pretty quickly can't remember how long but it wasn't long.

[*] posted on 27-2-2009 at 12:57
That gives me an idea, maybe we should start an "In praise of" thread when something goes wrong, we tell everyone, when something goes right, often we are very quiet. I'm pleased that at least part of your recovery has been painless, RW.

[*] posted on 26-2-2009 at 13:46
I had purchased this plug-in for Photoshop over a year ago and use it almost daily in my sports work. In the course of rebuilding my software base from my recent disaster I realized rather quickly that I had lost this expensive plug-in too.

I went to their website to look for contact info to see about getting another copy. I checked their FAQ like instructed and saw that all I needed to do was download the plug-in again and enter my license info again.

I lucked out and had the license key emailed to my YAHOO account and therefore still had the email. In a matter of less than a minute, I had the plug-in reinstalled and legal and fully functional again.

All without having to contact ANYONE at the company about it.

If only everything ELSE in this disaster had been so easy!

If you have never used this $50 plug-in before, you don't know why the potential of losing it was one of the things that had me frantic (Well, that and losing a total of 720 GB of images). You can download a trial version and see the amazing results you can get with it and you'll know why.

And, it can do some pretty amazing effects when the sliders are cranked all the way to the right, overdoing the filtration.

I'm starting to feel a tad bit better about this mess.