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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 12:46
I went to an airshow here in OZ with a mate who is a commercial pilot, He will appreciate all those shots, as do I.

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 12:05
I'm not a fan of planes and such things, however, I was very impressed by some of those pictures. Excellent stuff....! Some really good shots there.

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 10:05
David was an avid plane spotter all his life and travelled all over the UK, Europe, the US and finally China....

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 09:08
Very nice photos Janet.
I love the propellers on the first photo on the second link.
They look positively evil (in a nice way :) )

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 03:20
Wow, quite a jump there from a Russian MiG to an American F-22. Wheet Whooo.

Second link, beautiful F-16 shot. :3
The Tora Tora Tora was nice too.
I assume he did this at a lot of air shows? Where abouts did he travel then?

I got a good one that I love, this was taken at the airshow here in the Quad Cities. Managed to get a beautiful shot of the Blue Angels in the Diamond Formation.

PS: The original shot didn't have the extra sky edited out, I'm a bit of an ameture at photography...and at the same time wasn't working with a camera that was cooperating.

BTW, Scholar, I believe the term you're looking for is "near-miss". :)

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 03:12
nice photos

[*] posted on 3-2-2008 at 01:08
I miss the 'Concorde'. That was a beautiful looking airplane which should have kept going :(

Just had a quick look at those pictures of yours Janet and they are very nice :)

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 23:28
I am, thank you.
dr john

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 23:24
Many of these shots are truely excellent. You should be proud of how good they are, and how skilled he obviously was.

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 22:19
I haven't been to one that I remember.

I had thought my comments might have brought back to you some pleasant memories of David speaking of the skill of the pilots.

Are these shots all from the ground? They are excellent, dramatic, and beautiful.:)

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 22:05
Do you ever go to airshows? The planes aren't nearly as close to each other as they appear - that's part of the skill of the pilots (to seem that close, judging the perspective from the POV of the viewers) and of the photographer, to get it just right.

I didn't post these to get drawn into a discussion about airshow safety- could I request if you want to do that, you start a new thread, rather than using this one? This one was meant to showcase David's work.

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 20:44
schocked_yellow Some of those pictures included planes VERY close to one another. It's amazing that they can fly so closely, so fast, with sufficient safety.

I remember an air show--it might have been the Blue Angels, I'm not sure--which was called off because two of the jets touched each other during the rehearsal. They didn't collide, it was more of a paint-to-paint contact. (I remember there was a specific, colorful term they used for it, but I can't remember the words.)
the bear

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 18:53
Excellent :)

Regards the Bear

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 17:13
Oh Wow... what amazing photos, Janet.

Thanks for sharing them. :)

[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 15:37
Originally posted by janet
My late husband was a plane spotter - he was also a keen photographer. Although he never rated his work, a friend of ours has been looking through the archives David left and posting some of them... I thought I would share...




They are remarkably good I would be very proud of them and him, I only wish I was half as good a photographer.

Thanks for sharing them.


[*] posted on 2-2-2008 at 14:37
My late husband was a plane spotter - he was also a keen photographer. Although he never rated his work, a friend of ours has been looking through the archives David left and posting some of them... I thought I would share...