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[*] posted on 19-1-2008 at 12:49
It would make it extremely difficult. Wrestling is, perhaps, one sport where segregation, especially at school level, should be practised. If a school were to have a team that is not segregated, I'd wonder just how many of the males are "on the team" for the wrestling. It makes it difficult for a young woman who is interested (in this case, also capable) in the sport to participate as it is not traditionally a "feminine" sport.. Certainly, once a wrestler has progressed to the regional or state level of the sport, the gender of the competitor should be irrelevant. However, most male competitors would still be too "gentlemanly" to want to wrestle a "lady". At that level, however, I'd suggest that there would be other competitive women too.

[*] posted on 18-1-2008 at 16:42
How do you think the guys feel when they have to wrestle female opponents? Where do you put your hands? How do you do holds that involve the chest?

We had a girl that was on our junior varsity for three years. She was good enough to be invited to train with the U.S. Olympic Women's Wrestling team but couldn't make the varsity squad.

She transfered up the road to the high school there (they had a girl wrestler who made it to the individual state finals in her weight class last year) and she is wrestling varsity for Tomahawk.

I'd be uncomfortable "grappling" with a girl wrestler. I have talked to several of the guys on our team "off the record" and they expressed concerns about it, too. A couple of our guys had to face girl's in the individual sectional last year.

What do you all think about this? At the high school level there are no girl's teams and boy's teams, just one team.


[*] posted on 18-1-2008 at 14:42

[*] posted on 18-1-2008 at 02:15
I jokingly sent the picture to the wrestling coach with the sarcastic question "Is this a LEGAL wrestling hold?"

Here's the reply I got a few minutes ago.

"Only if you don't twist and pull! ARNIE"


[*] posted on 18-1-2008 at 01:53
BTW, when I showed the husband and wife owners of our newspaper the photo, the wife goes "Why can't you use that?"

I replied I was using it on the top of front page with the teaser headline: Bluejays can't get handle on No. 2 Raiders

The husband about peed himself laughing before I had to assure him I wasn't going to use it.


[*] posted on 17-1-2008 at 18:23
The head coach and two of his assistants were at the school board meeting last night just checking things out. (I think all coaches have to attend at least one a year for some reason.)

Afterwards they came up and just raved about the image. (I had sent the head coach the link as a gag asking if it was a "legal hold.")

Nice to know I can brighten up the team's day. Two years ago they were state runner-ups, now they'll be lucky to send individuals to the state tournament.

And the kid in the picture (the grabbie) is a two-time state runner up as an individual.


[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 15:34
Originally posted by LSemmens
So? Who won? Did the bloke in red end up singing soprano?

The guy in red lost to our guy by a 9-5 decision.

This photo was taken in a five point swing in the match. (one point escape, two point takedown by our guy then a two point reversal by the guy in red).

If you want to be technical.


[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 14:18
So? Who won? Did the bloke in red end up singing soprano?

[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 13:23
Least he didn't mistake his bum for a one-holed bowling ball.


[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 13:21
It may be illegal, but certainly an understandable action to take when being throttled.
the bear

[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 09:28

Regards the Bear

[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 06:53
What makes it even more painful to look at is the fact they don't wear "protective cups" in high school wrestling in Wisconsin for some odd reason.

Only thing between you an your opponent's hands is that spandex singlet.

the bear

[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 06:39
I suppse in the heat of the bout its get a purchase were ever you can

Regards the Bear

[*] posted on 16-1-2008 at 04:59
I've been shooting high school wrestling for three years now. Before that, I shot college wrestling.

I have seen other photographers that got photos of this hold that a guy on the local high school team (in blue and white) is applying to an opponent in a match tonight. But until tonight, I never took one myself.

scroll down

keep going

just a few more clicks

[bad img]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/redwolf5150/IllegalHoldcopy.gif[/bad img]

Believe it or not, the official didn't catch it, either.