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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 31-1-2018 at 01:32
I've still got one of those mikes and a few old dial up modems floating around. I tossed out a pile of old stuff just recently, Anyone remember 30 pin sims? and "HUUUGE" 20 mb HDDs?

[*] posted on 30-1-2018 at 20:32
Originally posted by John_Little
.... albeit 56k modem based.

I am holding in my hand a land line telephone based PCI card that is likely a 56K modem [two plugs]; I presume that it still works. The logo looks a US Robitcs logo [there is a wiki|--for those who bought USR, and it had many competitors, I bring up "USR Sportster 56k 117102 ISA modem supporting X2 and V.90". 56K = 56 kbps--prior to that, the top speed (again from long ago memories was 33.? k)--of course it was slow, but then there was no such thing as 'code bloat' and downloads were kept to as 'slim' as could be had by the coders. And of course, they tied up the phone, and for those who could afford it, a 2nd phone line was the order of the day.

I would offer it up as a toy, and I suspect that it would work on a digital land line, but as a practical matter anyone would be better off simply going to eBay. I have NO recall if things like this needed drivers, or need some outdated Win OS that had native support for the drivers if needed, etc.,.

All of the above is based on vague memories; feel free to correct.

FYI: there is for sale: US Robotics 56K USB Fax Modem
Maybe aside from cost issues, there are geographic places where DSL/Cable TV modes are not available, and a dial up modem is all that you can use. A friend's son has/had satellite internet access [NOT TV satellite reception], and its quite expensive, and has tech issues too.

[*] posted on 30-1-2018 at 18:49
There are still some VB boards I think where folk can live chat and show up on the feed as the arrive? Gaming online is pretty much the same system and folk live chat as they play.

[*] posted on 30-1-2018 at 18:38
I'm sure we had one of those mics but we came quite Late to the internet - albeit 56k modem based - in the 90s. I think. I've a got an old cpm machine in the loft. No memory. All based on 5&1/4 floppie discs. Word star, datastar and basic.

[*] posted on 30-1-2018 at 18:18
For those on this board of a certain age, way way back, and before the era of DSL modems, there were (telephone) dial up modems.

New Windows computers tended to come bundled with a cheap microphone-my new computer purchases in the 80s & 90s all came with the exact same microphone that's in the embedded image.

It was the era of NetMeeting, a form of VOIP that allowed for voice communication, and other features, not only to folks who you knew, and could schedule an audio telephone style contact with (yes, it required some organization to be online with them when logging in) but also complete strangers who could "butt in". As with all VOIP, it saved the long distance charges cost of a telephone call to family/friends, and IF I remember right you could call anywhere on Planet Earth but likely the fidelity and lag (break up of the audio stream) was awful for out of country calls.

In retrospect NetMeeting WAS a social media outlet but not called by that as I recall. In many ways that era was also the era of bulletin boards that were the forerunner of forums.

IF I recall you could actually visually see all those that were logged into the server that you were logged into--not recalling how anyone got "listed" on the sever, i. e., whether log in name/whatever?

I tried to research this but I came away confused as to the current state of NetMeeting. As I recall, back then the servers for NetMeeting were MS servers [maybe even able to pick which one you wanted-can't remember exactly]; I couldn't find out if those servers still exist, OR if they've been repurposed.

There are still hits from folks asking how to use NetMeeting with Win7 thru 10 OSs, so not everyone apparently has moved on to other comparable VOIP type services.

I've very likely forgotten and left out of this topic some of the 'neat' features of NetMeeting that were all 'the rage'.