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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 3-2-2009 at 10:37
Thanks DeWitch and Katzy. I have moved a little further on although I was a bit stymied yesterday when I couldn't get my changes to appear. Then I remembered reading something somewhere about having to reset the board to make the changes work. I have just done that and my changes are there.

I edited the overall_header.html file by sticking in the code for my header and deleting the image that was already there.

Its the wrong size and its to one side and there is a bit of the <head> code showing. But I'm getting there.



[*] posted on 30-1-2009 at 21:36
If I remember this correctly...

In the ACP go to Board Configuration -> Board Settings

Change the title, to suit.

If that's wrong, you might like this:


[*] posted on 30-1-2009 at 16:40
don't know how you are editing or even if this is all that you need
but find this in your source code -

<div id="wrap">
<a id="top" name="top" accesskey="t"></a>
<div id="page-header">
<div class="headerbar">
<div class="inner"><span class="corners-top"><span></span></span>

<div id="site-description">
<a href="./index.php" title="Board index" id="logo"><img src="./styles/prosilver/imageset/site_logo.gif" width="139" height="52" alt="" title="" /></a>
<p>A short text to describe your forum</p>
<p style="display: none;"><a href="#start_here">Skip to content</a></p>

<div id="search-box">
<form action="./search.php" method="post" id="search">
<input name="keywords" id="keywords" type="text" maxlength="128" title="Search for keywords" class="inputbox search" value="Search…" onclick="if(this.value=='Search…')this.value='';" onblur="if(this.value=='')this.value='Search…';" />
<input class="button2" value="Search" type="submit" /><br />
<a href="./search.php" title="View the advanced search options">Advanced search</a> </fieldset>

My view does not look like the webpage so not sure if that is all you need to change it.

[*] posted on 30-1-2009 at 12:03
Just downloaded and installed phpBB3 and trying to find a way to put my own header in the overall_header.html bit.

The problem is, there seems to be a minefield of external CSS and Script files and the installation is permeated with references to "yourdomain.com" references.

I un-installed and re-installed again to see if there was an option of putting in your domain name to overwrite all these references but there was not. I assume I have to trawl through all the code to find how to change all them too.

See the source code and the "yourdomain.com" problem here:-