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[*] posted on 17-2-2008 at 23:53
Simply put the 108Mbps one has a faster router to PC throughput and would be better. One downside is that the 108Mbps wireless protocol has not been ratified yet so there are a number of variants out there and not all will inter work with each other - just a warning should your USB adapter go belly up and you need to replace it. You'd need to search for the right.

The figures quoted are WIRELESS speeds between the router and your PC and have nothing to do with the line speed your ISP will give you to your house - that is based upon distance mostly.

However - to answer your question of how easy. A friend signed up to Sky BB and they took the default wireless router and then asked me to set it all up for them. It was a doddle. Get out the idiot sheet that it comes with and just follow the instructions. My only concern before I set it all up was about security - but Sky have even thought about that and the wireless security they use is WPA-PSK - which, trust me, is fine.

Finally, in terms of master of extension. It really makes no difference so long as your extension has been correctly wired in. If it is old enough that BT did it in the days when they wouldn't legally allow you to do any phone wiring yourself then it'll be fine.

If you, or other person has extended it yourself then make sure good quality wiring has been used and no kinks in it that could cause breaks etc. Once the BB circuit hits your hose, the extra distance across any extension is negligible in terms of affecting performance unless the wiring is bad or you have a lot of crosstalk noise or electrical hum or ... but most houses don't.

You can also buy specialist replacement face plates for your master socket that have the filter built in and these have better circuitry which will help any signal issues. Then you can wire directly into the master socket - rather than these simple plugin extensions - and do it a la BT of old.

Oh, one caveat - if you do use the extension, then you'll need a filter on the master socket AND a filter on the extension.

Have fun ...

[*] posted on 23-1-2008 at 12:58
I'm not familiar enough with your system or supplier to be more than generic.

You can plug your router into any telephone socket, as long as the cabling/sockets are in good condition. As far as the model router is concerned, typically, the faster, the better, but it also relies upon your ISP, if their fastest speed is only 64Mbs then the 108 would be overkill, however, if there is an option for a faster speed, you may want to upgrade at a later date, then the faster, the better. Setup, should be, as simple as plugging in the CD and following the instructions, security, is a little more complex. Your normal AV/Firewall/Antiscumware, packages are still required, but some tweaking of the modem will also be beneficial, and I am not comfortable enough with that to offer any more advice.

[*] posted on 22-1-2008 at 16:27
Hi Marylee, not a bloomin clue sorry, but hopefully some knowledgeable peep will pick up on this.
I'm a sucker for seeing a post with no reply.

Sorry couldn't be more use............:)

[*] posted on 17-1-2008 at 17:12
Anybody using sky broadband on this forum? I am thinking of going with sky for free bb. My pc is a dell dimension 5150, I understand I need a usb adapter. Pl can anybody tell me the difference between TP-Link 54 Mbps wireless adapter and the 108 Mbps? Which one should I get?

How is easy to set up the wireless router? Master socket is in the hall and another phone extension is in bedroom near the computer. It will be a problem if I have to connect router in the master socket as there is no electrical point near the phone. I am not sure how I am going to do that. People are saying you should connect to master socket.

I am also concerned about securing the wireless router. Is it a matter of just inserting the cd in the drive and follow the instructions?