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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 12-3-2018 at 01:01
Originally posted by LSemmens
Why would I start another thread? This was the only problem listed in this thread and by the time you chimed in the problem was resolved.

The value of reviewing the exact problem and how you solved it is, that another person with the same problem can read your description of the problem, think "That's what I'm experiencing, too" and then follow the steps you describe so as to correct his problem in the same manner you corrected yours.

By putting it at the beginning of another thread, the search engine bots and people who are not members at KF can read the problem and solution, without having to log in.

[*] posted on 11-3-2018 at 07:36
Why would I start another thread? This was the only problem listed in this thread and by the time you chimed in the problem was resolved.

[*] posted on 9-3-2018 at 22:41
Originally posted by LSemmens
What problem, Scholar?

You said you had a problem with getting your file shares to work after you put Linux on one of your machines.

[*] posted on 9-3-2018 at 22:32
What problem, Scholar?

[*] posted on 9-3-2018 at 15:10
Leigh, may I suggest that you post about your problem and its solution in another thread? We both remember the old days at KF when such computer problem-solving was much of the foundation of KF, attracting members when the roster was more accessible.

I'm suggesting another thread because, for it to be findable in search engines, it would have to be addressed in the public, not-just-members posts at the beginning of each thread, and we are beyond that for this one.

I am too short on time these days to do more on computers, but I expect I will have a go at Linux when I am no longer working full-time, and will be glad for anything I learn on the way.

[*] posted on 9-3-2018 at 02:42
In the little known and less cared about category, I attempted my very first use of clonezilla on a Linux distro re creating an ISO file of said HD onto a flash drive (the HD only had the install OS on it). Good Olde Clonezilla "write protected" the flash drive with such "vigor" that despite 2/3+ hours of "research" and all kinds of software refused to "unwrite"/reformat/etc. the flash drive (either in Windows or in Linux). Even good olde Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) wouldn't overwrite the flash drive, etc., etc., etc.,. And FWIW diskpart didn't work either.

Let's just say it was a very humbling/humilating experience. Fortunately it was a smallish flash drive and relatively inexpensive, but way too small to now be used as a doorstop. Moral/or lack thereof, always be careful what you wish for--ALWAYS practice when time is NOT of the essence, AND the results unimportant (in the larger scheme of things) cause if you ever actually really needed to use it, you might find that it doesn't work as advertised, and a work around/alternative for the end result needs further exploration.

By the way, the flash drive does not have a write protect switch on it (you know the one that make the drive "read only").

[*] posted on 9-3-2018 at 01:23
Doesn't matter all sorted. File sharing, as in accessing files on the network.

[*] posted on 8-3-2018 at 14:11
Originally posted by LSemmens
I'm now attempting to convince my file shares to work.

Don't know what you are referring to re "file shares"--clarify please.

[*] posted on 8-3-2018 at 10:03
Windoze 10 on three of my machines has been throwing up BSODs on occasion in the last couple of weeks. Enough to convince me that W10 is not as good as it initially indicated. I didn't have any with W7 and thought that they were a thing of the past.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I thought it time to re-investigate Linux. Mint got the nod, and, so far, all is working well. It even automatically configured my dual monitor setup on my media server with an extended desktop at the default resolutions with no jigger pokery!!!! Last time I tried that it did not play well with the nVidia card, now, it's "ho hum".

I'm now attempting to convince my file shares to work.

Anyone with Linux expertise to offer suggestions?