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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 14-8-2017 at 02:14
I had the good fortune of finding that I could get the bars appearance to come back by clicking on an open space around the navigation bar and choosing to put checkmarks beside each kind of bar I wanted to see.

The bar I was missing actually appeared above the tabs. It lists File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help (with the underlines that indicate they can be accessed with keyboard instead of mouse if you wish).

I am an old keyboard guy from way back. Even at KF, I have the texts for various smilies memorized so that I don't have to open the More smilies window to get them into my posts.

[*] posted on 13-8-2017 at 09:46
I've mostly given Firefox the flick, now. Main browser is still Opera v12, but I'm using Vivaldi more. Apparently, Vivaldi is regarded in tech circles as a "Power browser", whatever the heck that means...

[*] posted on 13-8-2017 at 04:06
My firefox is customised and I use "Firefox Synch" for my settings to ensure that it is identical across all of my devices. The only item that Synch does not seem to cover is Speed Dial, which gets it's profile backed up to my server, regularly, anyway.

[*] posted on 12-8-2017 at 21:15
Originally posted by Katzy
ETA: I THINK that, if you right-click on the bar and select "Customise", you get the option you want, at the bottom. But, the addon I mentioned might've added that..

Yes that's how it's done, only in America it's spelled "customize".

Firefox is my primary browser, and I never have any problems whatsoever.

Scout's Honour; AKA "Honest Injun"---very politically incorrect these days--spoken only by scoundrels.

[*] posted on 12-8-2017 at 20:15
Do you mean the Home, History &c. icons? Before the mishap, were you using a custom theme? If that theme has been replaced by the default, it may have blown the text.



You have to configure that, after installing, on Page 1 of "Toolbars".

Firefox is becoming Chrome, more and more... :(

ETA: I THINK that, if you right-click on the bar and select "Customise", you get the option you want, at the bottom. But, the addon I mentioned might've added that.

PS PaleMoon is a much better version of Firefox than Firefox is. It has x64 and x86 versions, too.

[*] posted on 12-8-2017 at 17:18
I think I had labeled options under the navigation bar, toward the left, until today. After an interruption reboot (power off), it came back without those choices (I used to be able to click "bookmarks" and get a drop-down list of recently bookmarked items, for example. Or, I could click on the word "history" and get a list of choices, to show history for today, or through yesterday, or through the past week, etc..

I can still get to these things by other means, but I am more word-oriented than icon-oriented in my thinking-processes.

Is there an easy way to restore the former appearance?