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[*] posted on 13-8-2017 at 04:02
I have the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" button on my W10 Lappie, and, no I did not "hack" the system to provide it. I usually use "right click" and "eject" as a quicker way of removing USB devices anyway.

Yes, the lid close action will override the power off action. If I want to shut down completely, I will wait for all lights, except the power light are off before I shut the lid.

[*] posted on 12-8-2017 at 21:05
Originally posted by dr john
As I leave mine plugged in it doesn't drain the battery....

In the for what it's worth category my owner manual says, "When the battery is fully charged, the operating status LED turns green. Disconnect the AC adapter from the computer". That may be nothing more than a corporate liability statement.

My Settings also have the option of NOT turning on the machine when the lid is raised.

It will take me a while to really grasp the large number of settings and whether I want them On or OFF.

As an example of MS's commitment to 'Customer Satisfaction', some coder at MS decided that you really didn't need the Safely Eject icon in Task Bar [the one you get in all the other OSs whenever you plug in a flash drive](in Win 10 you apparently had to go to My Computer and use "eject" for the flash drive USB device and you got the Safely..; at least that's the only way I came up with so far). At first I thought that I had turned that off somehow; however a Google search showed that many other Win 10 users were 'taken aback' and some geek had a post of how to create a Desktop shortcut that would give you that feature. I of course was not the least bit annoyed that I had to spend 10 minutes or so of my life doing all of this. No, Not At All.
dr john

[*] posted on 12-8-2017 at 20:38
if you select power off then shut the case, it is likely to go to sleep as the lid closing triggers that and could be overriding the power off. But sleep does use power while in that state.
As I leave mine plugged in it doesn't drain the battery.

I do chose hibernate if I have to move the laptop elsewhere via the car, as sleep does use some power, whereas hibernate writes the current state of the computer to disk and when power goes on, it reads the file and takes you back to where you were the last time it was on, complete with app programs open where they were. Which suits me a great deal.

I tend to just close the lid at night or if going out, and open it in the morning or when I get back. However my SSD does give very fast start times. ;););)

[*] posted on 10-8-2017 at 04:15
Originally posted by LSemmens
Your computer is not actually shutting down, it is just going to "sleep" ...

Are you saying that even though I select the "Power Off" choice, the machine is actually going into some type of "hibernate" mode?
Wouldn't doing that drain the battery (eventually)?

[*] posted on 10-8-2017 at 04:07
Your computer is not actually shutting down, it is just going to "sleep" makes life a lot easier, I only re-boot when I perform major changes these days. The UWT works quite well at setting some of the more esoteric features like shortcut arrows and the like.
One of my favourites is WinAero Tweaker which gives the same control as the UWT with a few extra bits like the old Windows 7 games.

[*] posted on 9-8-2017 at 19:49
Originally posted by marymary100
How to seems to be the best one tbh...

Got it! Thanks for the help!

For some inexplicable reason after I read your post, and visited the URL, I had a Eureka type moment re a THEORECTICAL [pie in thesky type] feature of Win 10, and it connected to my rant about all the different interfaces with each and every new OS version.

There is this microphone symbol in some kind of a window that I haven't test driven yet. Whatever that microphone is for, I can NOW readily imagine booting up to a COMPLETELY blank desktop, i. e., NO desktop at all, and everything that I wanted to do would be by voice command, i. e. #2, a kind of pseudo-AI that would find, all on its own, and open up everything that I told it to do---kind of like the way when you have "suggestions" turned on for Google search in your browser; it would make for some pretty sophisticated/excellent guesses as to what you're "talking" about, and ACT, according to the voice command, such as opening up the program that you told it to open, i. e. #3, the OS interface such as desktop/Start Menu/GUIs/etc. would be irrelevant cause there is no longer any need for one.

By the way, on this new machine (laptop), I go from off to power on to a working desktop in about 15 seconds (NOT a typo); the power on sequence does not go through the BIOS stuff at all; the opening splash screen lasts 1 second. I have zero technical idea how this is accomplished to include whether the Win 10 OS has anything to do with it.

[*] posted on 9-8-2017 at 18:47
How to seems to be the best one tbh.

I don't have a problem with the start up looking like this but I do dislike the amount of time it takes to reboot for Windows Edge after an update. I think it is a bunch of ...

[*] posted on 9-8-2017 at 17:12
I rolled the dice re what I thought would be a really long shot re a choice of words for a Goggle search, and used "life at a glance". Lo & behold up came a very large number of hits of fellow Win 10 users who all wanted to get rid of it and a large number of hits as to how to do that to include the other groups that also show up when you click on that button.

And low and behold the one I picked worked; I bookmarked the URL for that hit, and if any other Win 10 user would like to ditch that stuff, post a request on this topic.

Alas and Alack, that URL was not going to show how to get rid of 100% of those "tiles"; those I had to click, sigh, one by one and click "unpin...". And to rub salt in the wound, that "most used" junk (on the left side of the image)--a list of programs that you've used going back to day 1, also had to be removed one by one.

I rebooted a couple of times, and this stuff didn't come back; but this is MS, and VICTORY can be short lived a la the MS culture re the value of its customer base.

COMMENT: there may be more efficient ways of doing what I did, but you can spend a great deal of time trying to find out if/whether they exist, and the sledge hammer approach of one at a time will get the job done--eventually.

As I have stated before on this board, MS will not create a new OS and simply give the end user a choice upon start up of the exact same interface as a previous OS version, i. e., it's not that it can't be done, they just don't want to do that--for those of us who use different OSs on our multiple machines, having to remember what is where for each OS is a pain, and especially for "stuff" that you seldom use, and forget how to get to it.

[*] posted on 9-8-2017 at 14:44
I opted to 'retire' my tablet only because I found using the Android apps interfaces more trouble than they're worth re the differences between any given app and those apps that had a desktop PC counterpart.

So now I've a pretty lightweight laptop, BUT a new one cannot be found without the Win 10 OS-sigh!!!! Can't say that I didn't know beforehand what I was getting myself into!

This topic is simply how to tweak a Win 10 interface issue, and in this case I have a question that the embedded image illustrates. I would like to ditch the stuff that shows up ["Life At A Glance", etc.--you can see it in the image] when I click on, and open up, whatever Win 10 calls what useto be "called" the Start button, i. e., the one in the very bottom left corner [it's not visible in the image].

I can't do the Google bit cause I don't know what the "official" name is for all those "tiles". So does any Win 10 user know what all those pixs are called? And even better, has anyone figured out what the "setting" is to keep them from showing up?