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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 7-11-2014 at 02:21
Try and find yourself a cheap second hand laptop if you need a keyboard. You should find one for only a few quid. (I'm not sure of pommie pricing) but evilbay should have something useful. Even if there is no operating system on it, any one of the Linux variants (all free) should suffice and most come with Open Office or similar anyway.

[*] posted on 7-11-2014 at 02:20
If Badgergirl is like me, she needs the tactile experience of a typewriter-style keyboard. (I was a typist-for-hire at university. I could earn money on my own schedule, typing papers for other students.)

How can a person get touch-typing speed if they cannot feel the keys? (Unless, of course, you have a really effective partnership with voice-recognition software.;))

Like Katzy, I have been wedded to desktop machines because they give me greater value for fewer dollars.

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 21:08
QuickOffice can work with files on the internal storage of the Kindle Fire, or you can connect with cloud-based storage on Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, or MobileMe. The free version loaded on the Kindle Fire can only open and view files, but if you upgrade to QuickOffice Pro, you can also create and edit files. DocumentsToGo is another app with similar functionality and pricing.

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 20:02

It seems there's not much going that would meet my needs. :(

I'm getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas, so I can't really push my luck for a laptop I only need for typing.

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 18:36
Hudl has a keyboard on the screen. The new ones come in around 130 unless you have points on your card for a discount. I have to be honest I never use Tesco now but their Hudle is amazing with the added bonus that if you go on holiday you don't worry that it will be stolen. You can e-mail yourself the stories and also download films etc if you want to soup it up a bit for holidays.

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 12:31
Try ebay :)

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 12:12
"Cheap" and "Laptop" don't get mentioned in the same phrase, really.

You might find one in the local rag, or on freecycle, if you're both lucky and quick. We have a kinda second hand shop, here, for those kinds of things, including ipads and that kinda toy stuff. Although they're cheaper, I wouldn't call them cheap, coz I can often build a new desktop machine for less.

A low-spec one will run a normal text editor. But, if you want to use Word, or something similar (AbiWord?), it'll need a bit more OOOMPH!

[*] posted on 5-11-2014 at 12:06
Hello All (gosh it's chilly all the way up here in PC help!)

I'm in need of comfortable word processing.

I need a device that would allow me to type, edit and save document as I sit on the sofa or propped up somewhere else comfy.
I just want to write stories without staring square eyed at my PC, or browsing the 'net instead of getting on with the task.

Are there any laptops out there that cater to pretty much JUST that?
I must stress...it MUST have a keyboard or allow one to be plugged in!

I have a budget of approx 0....(or more, if pushed)