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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 23:14
Aww, c'mon, where does the law, and common sense, appear on the same page? ;)

[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 09:43
I was nor sure if he had actually had cancelled his internet connection, or just dismantled his ability to explore the internet via a pc.
Or if smart features on a TV, which also gives limited browsing capabilities, would also breach the conditions set.

[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 08:56
Sadly, grayles, as scholar has explained elsewhere, he is precluded from having the internet at home for a time, otherwise, I'm sure he would seriously consider something akin to netflix.

[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 08:33
Scholar, over here we can buy a small "smart box" quite cheaply, which enables you to stream movies from the internet for a monthly cost similar to Netflix. I believe there are fixes online to enable it to also run Netflix. I believe that with no monthly fee this box still acts as smart box for internet access and catch up tv.
Which would be easier than connecting up a pc, this would give you what you wanted (and cheaper to run than a pc), however wouldn't give you the extra benefit of a media player that a connected pc does.
However both ways would also need a fast internet connection, ADSL should be ok though I use fibre optic.
Also be aware if you have a download limit this would eat into it fast.

[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 01:21
I have been told that the least expensive way to get the television I want, when I want it, and movies, is to have fast internet and a Netflix subscription, and connect a computer to my TV if I want the bigger display.

Since I can't have internet in the home right now, it's not something I can presently do.

[*] posted on 7-2-2014 at 01:08
You'll need to set up file sharing on your computer/s with the movies that you want to watch so, if you have a folder, let' say, "movies", you need to share just that folder, but the same could hold true for whichever folder you choose. which version/s of Windoze do you use?

[*] posted on 6-2-2014 at 18:53
On my laptop I'm running Nero MediaHome, mainly because it was free. I can't remember why I didn't use media player, probably it didn't work straight away and I wanted to play with my new telly straight away.
I have a LG tv, didn't need to do much with that, just clicked on the smart share and saw my laptop there.

I think all I needed to do was add the folders with my movies as shared folders in nero mediahome.

[*] posted on 6-2-2014 at 15:30
Ok guys, now you have done it. I never messed with the TV settings because I had no reason to. Well i set down this morning and I now have wireless connection between my TV and home network. The problem is that I have not figured out what I need to get the movies from here to there. Confused as to what input to select on TV and not sure I have Media Player configured correctly. confused2

[*] posted on 6-2-2014 at 02:13
Just get netflix $8 amonth streamed to your tv or puter :D

[*] posted on 5-2-2014 at 19:39
Is your TV a smart one with internet, and do you have decent wifi?
I often stream movies over wifi, works well but can stutter if the boys are playing online games with their Xboxes. Even works with 3D films.
The boys also stream films from my laptop through their Xboxes, which is useful but I have to be careful which films I leave accessible on the shared files.

[*] posted on 5-2-2014 at 15:23
First, thanks John, trial version did the job. I do have a lap top but I probably watch about one or two movies a month so I have never researched hooking up to TV. The Lap top is an older one but my TV is up to date with all the necessary connections and then some.

I will have to figure out the connections and give it a try. Thanks everyone.waveysmiley

[*] posted on 5-2-2014 at 08:13
I'm with grayles there, Bob, I actually have 'puters permanently connected to the TVs that get the most use in the house, networked so that all movies are available at all times, (Currently have about 3 Tb storage, 2 of which are movies and TV shows.)

[*] posted on 4-2-2014 at 23:17
Some stand alone units will play AVI's. Strangely usually the cheaper units.
I bought a few when I used to need to burn films to dvd to watch them, was useful as I could fit about 6 films on one dvd.
I found converting then took me nearly as long as it took me to watch them and just too much hassle.
I don't bother burning to dvd now as I can play from usb stick or just stream them over wifi straight from my laptop.
If you don't watch a lot of movies is it possible to get your pc or laptop close enough to your TV to use as a media player via a cable?
John Barnes

[*] posted on 4-2-2014 at 22:30
I use it i think there is trial version a google search for convert x to dvd 5 oryou can --------

[*] posted on 4-2-2014 at 21:12
That sounds like what I am getting John. I will try that converter and let you know. Thankswaveysmiley
John Barnes

[*] posted on 4-2-2014 at 16:07
Over here we have to convert from AVI file to Pal format maybe over there you will have to convert to NTSC I think that is the format they use in America
The best converter bar none is a programme called Convert X to DVD. jmb

Avi files will play on the computer via media centre but not on a stand alone player maybe thats why no audio

[*] posted on 4-2-2014 at 13:37
I don't do a lot of movies but I do download a few. My problem is that a lot of them have the video but no audio when played on my DVD player. They will play on my PC but not my DVD player. I use Windows DVD maker to burn them. Do I need to convert to a different format or get a different burner?waveysmiley