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[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 04:34
I have set it back to default and in Everest it says it's over clocked....luckily the computer hasn't complained yet. lol

Looks like I have to burn that program to a disk, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. :-)

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 03:59
If you've reset your BIOS to default values, then it shouldn't be overclocked anymore... It would have set everything back to normal values, and changed things back to its "Factory settings" if you like...

It may have changed boot sequence too, a distinct possibility....

You may well be right, your RAM may be fine, but it's worth checking so it can be ruled out of the equation...

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 03:30
When I tested the 80gig it only mentioned something about speed....I just tried to boot it as a slave, and it wouldn't work. Which sucks, it has ALL my info on it lmao. I don't have anything in the USB except my mouse and printer....all the cables are fine as the 400g works as slave and the 40g works just fine.

Yeah, it was the first time i had ever formatted to clean the drive off. I hadn't had any problem with it, well except with the CPU overclock, which i still don't completely understand.

I'll have to try the memtest later, but i'm pretty sure its fine, all of it is recognized.

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 01:12
Good... And the other drive has had the all clear too?

You've not got any other devices connected that could cause problems, things like USB Pen drives, or Card readers etc?

Check all cabling to and from HDD's and make sure everything is fitting snug... Same with RAM...

Is the Windows CD in good order? No major scratches or anything and is fairly clean? (Just a thought, as I've known it cause problems before)

You can check the RAM with Memtest HERE a very good, FREE, diagnostic tool... (Let it run at least one complete cycle, the longer you can leave it, the better...)

The problems only started once you put Vista on, or took it off? (Vista isn't that bad, no worse than XP was when it was released originally... It's badly bloated though, which is IMHO, it's major flaw.)

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 00:47
Yes, took 3 hours approx....

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 00:46
Originally posted by Alyxa
The ones from WD's site says that it passes everything....

Including the extended test?

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 00:39
I did the ones that WD recommends. I also ran chkdsk, first time it said it had one or more bad sectors, all times after that it said it was find....confused2 So, I don't know. The ones from WD's site says that it passes everything....

[*] posted on 6-1-2008 at 00:10
What diagnostics have you run on the HDD? Have you run the HDD manufactuers Diag' software, available free on their webby, or something else?

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 22:32
LOL well I've been without it for over a week....it's aggrevating because I know that the drive is good...both are....and that only thing that could have done it is Vista, but how could it still be screwing with it? RAM is good, etc.....Should I post the Everest results? It's not with my 400 or 80 gig connected, if that would be helpful I can try and find a jumper and test with one of those.

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 22:26
Hang in there, Alyxa. I know it's frustrating. I highly endorse Katzy's knowledge and experience, which is beyond my own in XP.

You are also doing great in responding to Katzy's questions.

If he runs out of ideas, we do have some other really good people here as well. (You might get more responses after the weekend, too.;))

Wishing you the best. . .

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 21:58
Well, if the ram wasn't seated correctly I wouldn't be able to be on this 40gig hard drive. I don't know anything about the UDME, I'll check it when I put the 400 as a slave....at this point I feel like it's my only way of being able to use it :-(.

The Microsoft site says to reinstall windows, done it numerous times. Still doesn't want to work right, and as I said before the hdd's pass the diagnostics test that WD recommends... Also, if it was the IDE cable, no harddrive would work, am I right?

OH, before I forget, as I did in the original post, my 400 gig is a SATA drive....the 80 and 40 are regular. :-)

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 21:43
FULL format? (As opposed to quick)

At least I answered before anyone at windowsbbs did... :D

Does this help?


Just had another thought...

Try a different IDE cable.

Also, check your bios settings for UDMA and Disable that feature, if it's enabled, and make sure your RAM is seated correctly.

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 21:42
Yes, I use the XP disk and it's formatted to NTFS, no other option. It's been formatted numerous times. LOL On top of that there have been 0's written to the drive. So no Vista drivers should be present on the drive.

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 21:31

Tricky one.

I've avoided Vista and I'm glad I have.

Right. Let's start from the beginning. How are you formatting the drive?

Logic dictates that you're doing it from the XP install disk, when installing, yeah?

Are you formatting it to NTFS?

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 17:58
Yeah.....didn't fix anything. angrymad2

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 17:42
Have you tried setting the BIOS to it's default settings, at all?

[*] posted on 5-1-2008 at 16:41
Oh the harddrive from the PS2 is a Maxtor.

Depicts mood of post posted on 5-1-2008 at 16:40
System Info:

CPU: Intel Celeron D 3.2G (2 years old)

RAM: Kingston 2 x 1G DDR2 533 (new)

Motherboard: Motherboard Chipset VIA P4M800 Pro
BIOS Type Award (05/23/06) (2 years old.)

Video Card: NVidia FX5200 (i know it's old, lol.)

HDD: 400gig WD 4000KD, Caviar SE16 (main)
40gig Sony (from the PS2, formatted to be a regular HDD)
80gig WD 800, Caviar (40 and 80gig are backups, sometimes slaves)

I'm currently using the 40gig, it's the only one I can get on.

If you need to know anymore information, just let me know, I have ran Everest on it. CPU temp is 48 F, seems low to me, but my house is a bit chilly due to cold weather. Also, it says it's overclocked, and sometimes when I restart it it says it failed. which I didn't do....

CPU Speed:
CPU Clock 3207.10 MHz (original: 3200 MHz)
CPU Multiplier 24.0x
CPU FSB 133.63 MHz (original: 133 MHz)
Memory Bus 0.00 MHz

Now here's my BIG issue:

I had a dumb moment and decided to install Vista on my 400 gig harddrive, in doing so it started giving me the BSOD. I can't remember what the first one said but since then i have had multiple others....Here's some of the errors I have gotten.

CHKDSK - one or more bad sectors, all runs afterwards have said nothing is wrong - 01/03 6:40pm 9440-5c9c

C0000221: \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll (get it a lot)

ntfs.sys - address F78961 bas at F7B52000, date stamp 41107eea

Stop 0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xF78VA98C, 0xF78BA688, 0xF7B78961

I can't remember exactly but I think that is the majority of them. What I have done:

Removed Vista
Formatted and installed XP
-did not work apparently
wrote 0's to the drive
ran hdd diagnostic test - passed
formatted AGAIN

Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I have formatted this harddrive, but, it still doesn't work.

I did manage to get a successful install of Vista to my 80gig, but, yesterday, it started telling me there was a problem with some hardware....what?...i have no idea, nothing was installed or removed.

I can boot the 400 gig as a slave, haven't been able to check the 80gig b/c the jumpers ran off....betting my 2 year old stole them off the desk.

So, anyone have any suggestions, ideas, comments? I'll be the first to say....I wasn't thinking when I added Vista to the 400, and now I'm slapping myself b/c I just bought it in October.