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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 26-12-2007 at 02:48
Daz is one of our first-tier guys. He has helped a lot of people. I'm often glad to see him pick up a late poster because he'll answer at a later hour than many of the Brits, saving a wait until morning. :D

[*] posted on 26-12-2007 at 02:22
Sounds to me like Windows has got itself in a state about something... Probably a corrupt driver.... I've seen similar before, where it it would hang during boot, and freeze during during the boot process of Safe Mode too...

If you've got Win XP CD, you could try a "Repair method" (Be careful if using a manufactuers Recovery CD, as sometimes they will just install from fresh rather than give you the chance to run a repair, which means all data may be lost...)

Is it a branded PC, like Dell etc? I ask because, I've been told, although not seen on any Dell I've used, that they alter certain key presses to enter some settings, like Safe Mode... Try F6, or F12...

Let's keep trying Safe Mode first though, before attempting anything else....

One other option worth trying, is running a Harddrive diagnostic test, which you can get for free from the HDD manufactuers website. And you could try running Memtest, though I'm inclined to believe it's a Windows problem myself...

Repair Installation


[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 06:45
ah, lol. It doesn't have a fan. Too lame to have it.

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 05:26
Originally posted by generalslip
As he said I reseated EVERYTHING. Anything I could find I pulled it out, check for any obstructions and then reconnected it and made sure it was secure.

I'm gonna check the info on the power supply. It might take a while XD.
I'm sorry, General. There was a typing error--"resetted"--in your post which I didn't catch as reseated. In my mind, I substituted "reset" (as one might describe changing settings). Now that I think about it, the way I misunderstood it wouldn't make sense.

(It's not as if I've never mistyped anything. LSemmens has been known to kid me if I accidentally make a word he can joke about.)

You're wise to have another computer with which to communicate while your other one is giving trouble. Scholar's rule: Always have a second machine good enough to ask Karlsforums for help when you have trouble with your best machine. :)

As I've said before, I'm of a lesser rank than LSemmens or Topcat, or some others here. However, I've had a graphics card stop working from overheating. Is yours so large as to have its own fan (and if so, can you see that the fan does run when you try to boot up)? The heat sink on mine was full of dust, which I cleaned with an artist's brush.

LSemmens, Topcat, or one of our other guys will have some other ideas when they check again.

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 04:23
As he said I reseated EVERYTHING. Anything I could find I pulled it out, check for any obstructions and then reconnected it and made sure it was secure.

I'm gonna check the info on the power supply. It might take a while XD.

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 00:58
It's true that, on boot-up, you draw the most power at once, kind of like when you crank the starter on your car and the lights dim.

If you list all your components, and tell us the PSU and wattage, one of us could compute whether you are brushing up close to the limits. Some of the guys here know which PSU manufacturers are more reliable, and which have. . . err. . .quality control problems.

Topcat advised you to reseat stuff (to be blunt, pull the ram out and put it in again, pull each ribbon out and put it in again, and do the same to the cards, in case something LOOKS fine but is actually loose). I mean no insult to you by repeating what he said--sometimes we look for something complicated, and the answer is in the basics.

LSemmens and Topcat are both excellent, well-experienced techs, and I especially recommend them for being systematic and methodical.

[Except for the one time LSemmens did not follow the advice he always gives, and caused himself some grief. It is somewhere among the posts, here, and it is always fun to mention. greengrin greengrin greengrin] (Leigh and I are friends, this is not a mean post. :D:D:D)

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 00:00
Lol I'm Using Windows XP Pro. Erm, I was mashing the F8 button the whole time.
I resetted everything. No effect.
Someone mentioned to be that this could be a power supply problem. Something like, it uses less energy to get thru the BIOS and everything, but when it reaches to the Windows Loading screen it uses more and if the power supply has been hit it might not be able to supply so much. Seems unlikely, but I wanna hear a pro out on this.

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 13:38
It sounds as though it's getting through BIOS ok and getting to the loading windoze screen before it all falls over. As Scholar has already asked. What version of Windoze are you using? This will give us some bearing on the next course of action.

To get into safe mode you've only got a very short opportunity to press F8 while the computer is Booting, so try again. Immediately after POST and before the Windows logo appears.

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 09:03
Originally posted by generalslip
Nvidia 4400. Erm, 64MB memory i think
Lol, im around my computer alot. So i kno stuff.

I also tried removing that and switching the monitor to the OnBoard one. That didn't work unfortunately.

Presume that you also re-set the on-board graphics in the BIOS.

Open up the Box and run a check over all the connections, remove and re-seat all plugins, Ram etc.


[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 06:09
You might get lucky. If one of our tech brains pops in and can set you straight quickly, I expect they will. Sometimes one will be on in invisible mode. (If they have a dedicated connection, they might have a Karlswindow open all the time, even when they're out of the room, so they might not want it to look like they're here when they might be lunching. :P) I didn't want you to think this is a dead-end for you if you don't get something real quick.:)

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 06:04
awe...:( (And I'm older than windows.)

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 06:02
General, it is about 6 a.m. on December 24 in Great Britain, where several of our best tech guys live. I would imagine some will be busy with other things because of the Christmas holiday. I fully expect you to get the help you need, but there will be a delay.

Keep in mind that we are an international group, if you have some odd time to check back.

Welcome. I am not one of the top-tier computer geeks here. I have built, fixed, and untangled some, but we have guys here with professional experience. Some have been making computers sit up and roll over since DOS days (that's before Windows, if you're younger than Windows :D). We are a helpful, friendly bunch. If I could only have access to one computer help site, this would be it--and it would be enough.;)

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 05:52
It isn't blank all along. Shows the usual booting screen. The monitor works fine.

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 05:48
Also, is the screen black all along, or does it show the usual words while it does the start-up tests (testing RAM, etc.)?

If it were blank all along, the next thing to check would be the monitor. Does your monitor work if you hook it up to another computer? Does your computer give a proper display if you hook it up to a different monitor? If you can make such trials, that will make sure the problem is in the computer, not the monitor. :)

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 05:43
Nvidia 4400. Erm, 64MB memory i think
Lol, im around my computer alot. So i kno stuff.

I also tried removing that and switching the monitor to the OnBoard one. That didn't work unfortunately.

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 05:40
Welcome, General.

What are the specs of your machine? In particular, what kind of graphics card do you have? (Or, is it onboard, which means it is built into the motherboard?)

What Operating System do you use? Is it some version of Windows XP, or something else?

[*] posted on 24-12-2007 at 05:22
Ok, last night I turned off my pc and turned it back on.
Only for it to boot to the Windows Loading screen and instead of the loading screen, its just a black screen. I left it on, hoping it will just pass it or something. Nothin happened for 30 mins.
I try to put it in safe mode, i cant even get to choose safe mode. I tried to reset the BIOS, didnt do anything. I'm just really looking for some help now, i don't want to have to send my pc away during the holidays. Won't come back till its time for school.