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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 23:43
I've got the download started. If all works well, I'll have it installed yet tonight.;)

I wondered if something was amiss, that the other site referred to the earlier version, but didn't have it available.

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 23:21
Originally posted by scholar

A simple Google search would have bought up plenty of locations to download v1.52...

Such as this one

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 18:45
:( That web page has a version that will not work with Win98SE. When I put Real Alternative 1.52 (the one that would work) in the search box for the sight, that page is the only one that comes up.l I don't see anywhere on the page where 1.52 is available.

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 13:07
That sounds great. I'll do it!:D

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 10:30
Originally posted by scholar
Daz, presently, will it install itself so that it works, or do I need to know some things? Also, do I need any advice to take out Real Player?

I'm game, if you'll advise me, if necessary. I'm not as elder a geek as you.

Just download and install.... Easy as that. The Alternative version will detect and offer to remove the bloatware for you.... Just follow the info on screen...

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 04:53
Daz, presently, will it install itself so that it works, or do I need to know some things? Also, do I need any advice to take out Real Player?

I'm game, if you'll advise me, if necessary. I'm not as elder a geek as you.

[*] posted on 21-12-2007 at 04:33
May I suggest Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative instead of the equivalent bloatware apps of the same name... You won't regret it...

[*] posted on 20-12-2007 at 14:59

[*] posted on 20-12-2007 at 14:14
Real Player is what comes up and doesn't make sound when I click on the file. Presumably, this means it is associated. Should I see if trying it from Windows Media Player gives a different result?

Would I do well to download one of the many programs that come up when I do a search for "free MIDI player program"?

[*] posted on 20-12-2007 at 13:38
What program are you using to play that midi file? Is it Real Player? Ensure that none of the channels in The Windoze Volume Control are not either muted or turned right down.

[*] posted on 20-12-2007 at 05:11
I installed the sound card on the Win98SE booting drive, and it is still the drive from which I boot most often (it has soo many programs on it already). It sometimes stops working, and I must reboot to get the sound back. In the course of shutting down to restart, at some point I encounter a notice that the MIXER program has performed an illegal operation.

I have noticed that, when I try to play a MIDI file, no sound plays. I used to get sound from MIDI files when my onboard sound was working. Now, Real Player opens and the visual part looks as if it is playing a sound file, but the speakers are silent.

What need I do?

[*] posted on 4-12-2007 at 13:51
4 The installation has been completee click Finish.

The First thing you should do, before you install the sound card is to make sure it can speak English! You'll be extremely disappointed if, after you've plugged it in, you get a "So sollee, no spika da inglee!" Otherwise you may need a crash course in foreign languages!

[*] posted on 4-12-2007 at 00:17
Tut-tut Scholar... You've forgotten you're own advice when people post a question here... waggyfinger

Which version of Windows etc....? :D ;)

[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 20:37
It has truth on it's side, for one thing.

I'll have Ubuntu on my machine before I have Vista.

[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 20:09
Better than Vista. :D

Apple has an advertisement running on TV in the States, in which one actor portrays a PC (sort of insurance-guy looking--plump, glasses, white shirt, and tie), the other portrays a Mac (stylishly casual dressed). The PC says to the audience, "Don't give up on Vista! If it won't recognise your printer, just buy a new printer! Don't ask what Vista can do for you; ask what you can buy for Vista!"

The Mac says, "Wow! You must really be committed to Vista!"

PC: "No, not really. I went back to XP two weeks ago. I feel sooo much better, now."

[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 20:00
I'd be surprised if XP doesn't find and automatically install the drivers, anyway, myself.

The wrong drivers, naturally. :D

[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 19:37
You mean the computer was supposed to be OFF when I put the card in?shocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellow

Only kidding, I knew that! :D
I can tell you've given it a little thought, which is exactly what I'd wanted. The instructions sound as if one were using "ADD HARDWARE"; but, I thought (as you have said) Windows should notice the difference when it boots up and ask for the driver.

Thank you, Topcat. I like confirmation for confidence before I proceed.;)

I remember one of our other members was recently having trouble installing a sound card, and had troubles which elicited a discussion. (I think there was even talk of needing to install the sound card with a fresh Windows, before other drivers). It sounds as if we don't expect this one to be that much trouble--YET.:o

[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 19:24
Originally posted by scholar

Is there anything else I need to know?

I hope for a fairly speedy response, because I plan to install it today, if possible. :D

Normally you fit the PCI card, boot the computer and let it detect it. then when you get to the install drivers section you select the "Have Disk" option, navigate to the drive where the disk is click OK, it will install everything for you.

If that doesn't work the other option is to go through the "ADD new hardware" option from Control Panel,
but again install the PCI card first.


[*] posted on 3-12-2007 at 17:48
I bought this sound card at the computer fair some weeks ago. It came with a mini-CD. The instructions that came with it say:
1 Please put the CD into your CD-ROM. Specify the location of the Sound Card driver. In the sub-catalogue of the CD.
2 A message of install a new Sound Card appear, click "yes", Then select "Add", click "item"
3 Please select the specify Com Port, click Next.
4 The installation has been completee click Finish.

How do I know which Com Port to specify? Is there anything else I need to know?

This is being installed onto a machine in which the onboard sound stopped working. I tried a USB sound card bought at another computer fair, but had no success getting it to work.

I hope for a fairly speedy response, because I plan to install it today, if possible. :D