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[*] posted on 10-1-2018 at 14:34
Originally posted by John_Little
Seems to be taking forever to load. What am I missing?

Nothing that isn't already covered by Common Sense !

[*] posted on 10-1-2018 at 13:52
Originally posted by John_Little
Seems to be taking forever to load. What am I missing?

Supposedly the latest Windows critical update fixes to the latest security problem (and the day isn't over yet re the non-stop discovery of "issues") have the potential to slow down PCs.

Today is Wednesday, and I've had critical updates 3 days in a row. There are tons of articles spewing forth on the latest flaws, and it's a good bet that the knowing of whence they speak by the writers is up for grabs.

[*] posted on 10-1-2018 at 09:32
Seems to be taking forever to load. What am I missing?

[*] posted on 9-1-2018 at 20:50
Originally posted by marymary100
...within a matter of days a group of boys were reporting incidents to the police that hadn't actually happened to them.

I would bet my next paycheck, NO, make that next 2 paychecks that the individual(s) these boys were reporting were someone that they did not like (antagonistic feelings), had negative runs in with, etc.,.

No One will never ever come up with a program that is flawlessly executed & PERFECT re the possibilities of some type of negative downstream event. And not just on teachers from students, but parents/caregivers as well. Typically, local boards of education (usually, but not always elected) have their board meeting bogged down by formally having to approve such programs that they obviously haven't paid much attn/given any thought to what's involved (as evidenced by comments made that are reported in the newspaper). The board in my town, among many many problems, have been "debating" the role of the school "police" (AKA "resource" officers) re fights occurring in the 3 local high schools FOR YEARS, and whether any arrests should be made. Fights apparently of such severity that if an adult in the community were to be assaulted like that, I would think the adult would call the police, file a formal complaint, etc.,.

There's even an "agency" at the state level Education Department that monitors, AND CRITQUES, local school systems plans/policies for students that are suspended, and sends "notices" to local superintendents re the 'quality' and 'adequacy' of the implementation of such policies. I have to wonder IF that's on par with writing a letter to Santa.

[*] posted on 9-1-2018 at 18:34
This pants one was more for parents but yes schools here have a CEOPS training course that includes materials to use with young people. The need for training becomes clear as the last time I showed the materials to one teacher within a matter of days a group of boys were reporting incidents to the police that hadn't actually happened to them.


[*] posted on 9-1-2018 at 17:33
I have no idea, grand total wise, how many "programs" exist that, more or less, are similar to PANTS. I suspect there are at least several. Probably the biggest difference among them is methodology rather than curriculum content.

Here in the USA, there are 'free-lance' fee for service consultants in this area. I don't think its realistically accurately knowable whether these consultants work primarily training teachers, or some combination of teacher training and short term in-classroom work, OR whether the school system simply puts the onus on classroom teachers of the "additional related duties" scheme.

Because each school system is an entity unto its own self, and private schools are in their own 'world', it's very difficult to get an overview of all of this, i. e., it is not unusual for public school districts to ignore state required reports on this or that matter, and I can just imagine how much, or how little, effort ever goes into making any given report as thorough/accurate as possible.

I'm familiar with a similar program called "Circles"; this URL is from a vendor of same:

Once upon a time, Circles became an overnight 'it's all the rage' affair for individuals with intellectual disabilities in schools, residential programs, sheltered workshop programs (YES, I realize I'm using politically incorrect labels, but that's what they were called for years and years).

IMO Circles took off like a rocket cause of a fear of liability by the powers that be at all levels. In some ways that was not such a bad thing from the "something is better than nothing" perspective. Were there any issues of "clients/students" possibly misunderstanding the "warning signs" and making "inaccurate" "accusations"? That's why "management" gets paid big bucks. Firing someone almost always is appealed--and lawyer/union involvement is commonplace.

During this period the State via the legislature even set up a hot line/agency to report abuse--but it was nothing at all re authority/scope/resources that the State child protection services had--THAT WAS NO ACCIDENT/OVERSIGHT.

Believe you me, who of the staff was "qualified" to "teach" such a program hardly mattered as was the question who of student/clientele could actually have ANY comprehension. Yet there are clearly students/clientele who had good receptive language, but poor expressive language skills, which of course always leads to the question of just what they are comprehending.

[*] posted on 8-1-2018 at 19:50

Did you ever have this conversation with your child?