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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 11-9-2010 at 09:52
Originally posted by scholar
It is raining and dark outside, and I do not have shoes on.

Hells teeth ! shocked_yellow

Have you lost your shoes too ?

[*] posted on 11-9-2010 at 09:25
Don't like the sound of the "Dark outside" bit. Sounds slighly depressing.

[*] posted on 11-9-2010 at 04:18
Now, I've lost track of the novel again.:(

I still haven't found the cell phone.:(

I think The Word on the Street is in my car. Did I read all 20 pages today? I think I did, It is raining and dark outside, and I do not have shoes on. If I did not read the whole lot, I will make it up tomorrow.

[*] posted on 8-9-2010 at 04:49
The Word--I still have it. I calculated that, at 20 pages per day, I will finish well before the end of the month.

I found the novel. :D

I still haven't found the cell phone.

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 20:37
I think earlier pages were pruned, but the more recent posts were left, and the tallies were not reset.

Today, I found the missing Word on the Street in the trunk of my car. It was up where it was not easy to see. If I read forty pages today, or if I read thirty today and thirty tomorrow, I will be caught up.

This morning, as I prepared to leave, I could not find the novel I had been reading. I hope I can find it yet this afternoon.

The phone is still missing.

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 19:29
Say no more. ;)

Do you think she's used the Kill1 to destroy scholars phone? :o

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 19:16
Someone with a Kill1 perhaps. shocked_yellow

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 18:44
If it wasn't you, who do you think it was ? shocked_yellow

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 18:40

Not I...

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 18:30
It states that there are 3 pages to this thread but only page 1 actually exists.

Most likely what's happened is that there has been some sort of time warp and pages 2 and 3 will be posted in the future, which is why we can't see them now. confused2

Alternatively, there's a glitch in the forum software.

Then again, perhaps Matilda has been messing with the main control panel again ! shocked_yellow

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 17:55
I can see 13 including the OP !

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 16:40
Why is the front page saying there are 63 replies to this? I can only see a few.

How many pages are the rest of you seeing?

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 13:49
Have you found it scholar, or have you forgotten what it was you were looking for ? waveysmiley

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 11:56
I don't think that God is going to strike you with a bolt of lightning in the middle of the head and fry you to a crisp until there's nothing left but a greasy spot with your eyes bugging out, just because you've mislaid your "pet" Bible. When it turns up, you can continue reading, I'm certain that you have access to many other copies of God's word that means that the world won't end if you have to read from, say, the King James. For you Americans - the Authorised Standard Version, or King Jimmy for short is the only real Bible, all others are rubbish, especially that one the Jews and Greeks try and sell us! nananana

Note to DW, we need a tongue in cheek smilie!

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 07:34
St Anthony is supposed to be one who finds things - whisper a message to him !

[*] posted on 6-9-2010 at 02:44
A few days ago, I lost my Net10 cell phone. I know I had it here in this room when I added two months of service time to it. But, when I wished to take it with me later that day, i could not find it, and have not found it since. I called the number several times, but I did not hear it.

At the end of August, I had the good fortune of finding a paraphrase/retelling version of the Bible, called "The Word on the Street." It was done by someone in Britain, and I find expressions in it which are used by some here in KF. I figured that I could read it all in September if I read as little as 20 pages each day, and I have disciplined myself to do so every day--until I lost track of it yesterday. I had already read my twenty pages for September 4, but I have still not found it today. Unless I find it in the next few hours, I'll not manage my scheduled reading for today.:(

The cell phone is small, but the Bible is bigger than, say, The Book of Common Prayer, and I am keeping it in a black zip-shut cover (sort of like a CD wallet) to protect it. Still, I have not managed to find it, and more than a day has passed.:(:(

Since i found it and purchased it at a thrift store, I don't even know how much trouble it might be for me to replace it. I would certainly have to pay more than 50 cents next time.

All this, even though I take my medicine every day.

I wish I had the better medicine.

[*] posted on 26-8-2008 at 13:30
Forgetting to return the basket isn't unusual, Scholar. Even "normal" people forget such things. I rarely go down to the shop without a list, and even then I might forget something critical! Fortunately, the shop is just outside my back gate, so I can walk back fairly easily. For months I was fixated upon turning left when I left the nearest major centre, rather than crossing the railway line and proceeding out of town and on towards home. I'd drive down the main street and think, "musnt turn left", guess what, I'd turn left. It caused only a minor detour, but was still a nuisance, one day, I proceeded across the railway line and have not made the "mistake" again.

[*] posted on 25-8-2008 at 18:03
Michael Phelps, who won eight swimming medals in the Beijing Olympics, is an example of an ADHD success story.

He was raised by his mother, and diagnosed fairly early. His mother used medication to benefit him during school, but not during the weekends.

His swimming gave him a safe and productive outlet for his great energy as a hyperactive kid.

From what I've seen and heard from him in interviews on TV, he seems to be a nice guy.:D

[*] posted on 8-7-2008 at 01:31
Another quickie… if you look detachedly at your experience it is very close to living in the Now and not being a slave to history or consumed by projections about the future, good or bad.. this is broadly considered by gurus and religious and spiritual teachers throughout history as the foundation of ‘elevated’ life so your brain chemistry perhaps gives you a kick start in a fortunate direction despite that it may be disadvantageous in a modern capitalist society
Look at a book by Eckhart Tolle called Living in the Now ( I might have spelt that all wrong)

[*] posted on 8-7-2008 at 00:59
It's good to see you posting, Roo.;) Keep stopping by.waveysmiley

[*] posted on 8-7-2008 at 00:54
Hi scholar
This is a quickie response to your opener not having read all the way down the ‘string’ I think it is called but being ADD like yourself I’ve probably used the wrong term..
ADD and ADHD are general terms covering two large general areas which have little to do with one another other than they are alternative brain chemistries and throughout brain structurings. Alternative to the ‘normal’ and widespread structure that has mostly given rise to the culture in which we live and its educational pattern which favours of course itself. Which is not improper it seems to me.
They are associated with ‘thinning’ of the pre-frontal cortex in two different places ( the prefrontal cortex is a layer of brain tissue a few mil’ deep over the front of the brain and handles all our executive and refinement processes) my partner calls it the fourth brain and it is still in evolution and growth and differentiates us dramatically from the animal kingdom.
My son kyle who is 21 has ADHD and Ashbergers syndrome, he uses ritalyn when he needs to be ‘academic’ but otherwise wont touch it as it ‘makes him different to himself’ as he calls it, however he is doing International studies and politics at university after being a complete disaster at school.
On the other hand I have ADD though as a child I was hyperactive too but not for the reasons of ADHD, but because of internal family strife.
Hyperactivity can have so many unrelated causes
I’ll read the rest of the string and respond again later.

[*] posted on 7-7-2008 at 03:13
Last weekend, I stopped at a low-cost groceries store (similar to the way ALDI's stores look in the US, but a different chain). I only expected to get a couple of items, so I used a carry basket. When it was time to take the groceries to the car, I forgot to remove them from the basket! I put it into the trunk with the groceries in it!shocked_yellow

Since I live in another town, I thought, "I'll have to leave the basket in my trunk, and return it the next time I'm there."

Today, I passed through that town again. I was thinking about the grocery store. "Hmmm. It seems as if I wanted to stop there, but I can't think of any groceries I want to get right now." I drove by without stopping.

So now I'm home, and still have the basket in my trunk.:(

Sometimes it's hard for parents to tell whether ADD kids are goofing up because of a symptom, or because they aren't trying. I relate my experience because I know, from the inside, that I AM trying, and still have these kinds of problems. And this, while I am taking Strattera (which does not subjectively seem as effective as the other medication I used to take--but I don't have an objective standard).

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 09:57
It's probably just your age, now you're a whole year older!

[*] posted on 25-12-2007 at 06:29
Oh, I just went downstairs to get the pumpkin pie and whipped topping out of the freezer--the only special food items I reserved for Christmas.

While I was downstairs, I noticed laundry that could be hung up or put away, so I did that.

Now I'm up at the computer again, and realized I didn't get out the pumpkin pie or whipped topping--so, I'll be off to make another trip.

It's more work having ADD, but the inconvenience is not as bad as many disorders. The medicine I am now using is supposed to be effective all day and night. I have the impression it isn't as effective as a sufficient dose of Ritalin. But, it's hard to tell--how much do I forget without even knowing it? And, how much would I forget if I didn't have ADD---it's not as if only ADD people forget what they had intended to do.