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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 12:09
Originally posted by LSemmens
Nah! Making a skating rink out of mouse trap. ;)


[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 08:51
Nah! Making a skating rink out of mouse trap. ;)

[*] posted on 20-1-2015 at 03:12
Good old Scholar Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill :D

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 23:20
Going back to the OP - do you really think this is all the mouse ever does? It was filmed because it was unusual. ;)

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 23:09
I see in the "modern skating" link that people who are making a full circuit of the rink (such as you see around the 17 second mark in the video) are going in the same direction, then skate left when they near the end of the floor until they have reversed direction. Presumably they skate forward until it is time to turn again (unless, of course, they are in the center area where some do moves which do not involve progressive motion).

That is the same as my experience, except that I have mainly skated in rinks that are smaller than that pictured in the video. During a well-populated session, I was used to a more crowded skating floor.

Going back to the original post--if the mouse always turns left, like the skaters, he will be leaning left as he makes his turns and get uneven exercise.

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 21:28
It has been a little more than twenty years for me.

My wife is now legally disabled by her health problems, so I cannot bring her skating with me. Unless I go as part of a church youth activity (with me as an adult participant in the program), I fear my skating days are over.

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 20:43
Originally posted by scholar
At every roller rink where I have skated, there was a direction in which everyone was to go, to avoid head-on collisions.

How long ago was that, realistically?

Modern skating

My friend's daughter does this - derby

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 19:39
At every roller rink where I have skated, there was a direction in which everyone was to go, to avoid head-on collisions.

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 09:25
If all you ever did was skate in circles of course you'd get tired. I never had any problems.

[*] posted on 19-1-2015 at 00:12
The way he is exercising, he will not get his muscles evenly exercised.

Remember how roller-skating counter-clockwise in an oval path for one whole afternoon or evening felt?:o

[*] posted on 18-1-2015 at 22:40
Hmm.. thinking outside the circle :) love it...

[*] posted on 18-1-2015 at 21:18