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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 11-9-2017 at 21:11
Mr Scavino has waaay tooo much time on his hands, not to mention that he must be a very low level employee, security clearance wise (and also, given the turnover in the WH, maybe feels his job is in jeopardy if he is 'invisible'). The pres and the high mucky-mucks in the White House have around the clock access to images from the vast USA spy satellite day/night/high res/infra-red images system that can tell, as just one example, when Kim Jong-un (when he is outside) needs a haircut and whether his barber missed a hair.

Beside there was so much non-stop TV media coverage by wanna-be TV "reporters" (AKA as 'free lance') "auditioning" via on the air reporting in the outdoors (for a full time slot on any major TV outlet) in the hurricane area that home viewers ODed on the non-stop coverage.

Extemporaneous elocution (unscripted) by these free lancers is a major requirement to get hired for TV reporting (comparable to filibustering in political circles).

Fake news is a stable of all democratic govts, and the only news when the govt is a dictatorship [how to tell one from the other is a work inprogress].

I understand that USA journalism schools teach a course (taught by a physics prof) how to keep from getting electrocuted when doing live broadcasting in a storm that brings down power wires.

Prominent on these reporters is the wearing of premium head-to-toe high-performance outdoor foul weather gear (with logos prominently displayed). This gear is as suited for Miami as it is for Mt Everest (not that anyone who wears this stuff has any intention of ever setting foot on Mt Everest--besides USA TV demograhics/focus groups consistently show that USA audiences have no interest whatsoever in what's happening on Mt Everest).

[*] posted on 11-9-2017 at 18:56


Fake news has come hand-in-hand with Hurricane Irma - yesterday even the White House fell for it.
Incorrect scientific information, fake Facebook lives, and old footage claiming to show Hurricane Irma have been circulating online for almost two weeks.
Some were clearly hoaxes, while others appear to be based on genuine misunderstandings. The Federal Emergency Management Agency even created and tweeted their own 'rumour control' list to help people verify information.
But not everyone has been duped.

White House rumours
On Sunday Mr Scavino - US President Donald Trump's director of social media at the White House - tweeted videos and pictures showing the impact of Irma on Florida.
He said he was showing them to President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, including a striking image claiming to show Miami International Airport underwater.
Within minutes of posting, the airport corrected Mr Scavino, tweeting "this video is not from Miami International Airport."