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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Topic Review

[*] posted on 29-3-2017 at 11:42
But then you would say that.......

dr john

[*] posted on 28-3-2017 at 22:33
The most efficent flying things are gliders.
Read about the self launching electric Anteres 20E glider here - yes, it is in current production, and a friend has flown one.

It's 80kg of batteries enable it to climb at 850 feet per minute to 10,000ft.
That corresponds to 11 mins 45 seconds of climbing.
And the electric "drone" claims 70 minutes of flying time.

[*] posted on 28-3-2017 at 21:28
I posted a topic a few weeks ago on the eHang 184 getting a 'real world' workout this summer in Dubai.

IF, and it is indeed a huge IF, the eHang really does get off the ground, literally, in Dubai in any numbers, it will serve as a test bed as just how far advanced this kind of tech really is in the real world. The Dubai "project" will be very much like the autonomous/self-driving car concept, I. e., it looks good on paper, but.... Then again, if the Dubai project turns out to be a failure as a practical, day in, day out form of transportation, it will have set back this entire genre of craft for many years; after all, airborne craft is much more than getting from point A to Point B, but has to include where to take off/land, weather, etc.,. A detail such as landing where there is the tech to recharge the batteries is a very big deal as Tesla realizes when it built its own charging stations in a few locales, i. e., no charging station at hand, well what do I do now????---were you expecting your employer to voluntarily put in a charging station in your company's parking lot?? Hey, many folks who drive actually consider re changing jobs what the parking situation is at a prospective employer (if there is one?, if not what the cost is at parking lot/garage", how far away is it from the office, etc.,).

Any job that involves attending meetings, especially with "customers" from other businesses, is fraught with peril re scheduling. One of the major branches of the NYC commuter railroad runs through my town, and the local online rag, keeps tab of delays; not an everyday occurrence, but not rare either. If you're a major presenter at a meeting, I would think that you would start your commute at, literally, the crack of dawn just to ensure that you get to your office before the meeting is scheduled to begin--whether the other attendees at the meeting are equally conscientious re arriving on time is?????

[*] posted on 28-3-2017 at 18:15
I's a "concept" looking for investors. It is far and away from being a real drone with people inside. Flying takes a lot of training. The average Jo will never be in control of one of these.

[*] posted on 28-3-2017 at 17:19

I don't understand why the article refers to it as a any kind of drone, since it is "flown from the inside." I understand a drone, by definition, is flown remotely.

It reminds me of the Wankel-driven saucer craft that Charles said he would like to buy.

I notice, however, that the developers are seeking investors, which may mean that there is no real, practical product here. I don't know if technology really will lift two people in a rotary-bladed electric-powered craft.

The steering has got to be a little tricky, too.

This looks more like something for thin young people than for people with common middle-age weight.

What do you think?