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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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[*] posted on 25-2-2016 at 10:24
We were in dire straits, too. As a kid, I always made the things I wanted, either from scratch, or from other people's throw-outs. Clothes were all hand-downs from my father, uncles, &c. Got my first ever (and only) new coat, when I started at the grammar school. My first IBM-compatible was created from other people's junk, funnily enough. All computers that I've had, since, have been the same. Except for my cheapo tablet thingy.

I was brought-up with that "make do and mend" ethos, which I still adhere to, for the most part.

I built my own shed and all manner of things.

I can't, now, obviously, due to my physical deficiencies. :(

[*] posted on 25-2-2016 at 09:02
Well said, mary, I am the product of a one parent family (My dad died when I was 3), I am a "latch key" kid and had to take myself to and from school from grade 1 as mum had to work to feed us. Most of my clothes until I married were from Charity stores. If I wanted anything, I had to save for it. I worked to earn pocket money from the age of 12. At no time did I consider that other kids were "better" than me because they had things that I did not. At no time did I ever think that stealing, or drugs was a viable alternative. All of those things of which you speak are more a product of choices we make in our lives. If our parents train us to to think that "the world owes me a living" and we grow up believing that, then, of course there will be problems. Your bible, along with every other one still says "Train up a child in the way he shall go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it" Prov 22:6.

[*] posted on 25-2-2016 at 07:00
Originally posted by scholar
It is little wonder to me that there is so much stealing, and that so many young people turn to drugs, when it takes so much time and effort to advance financially/materially.

That does not equate.

We were far from rich. I did not turn to drink and drugs. My mother went out to work and my father took on side jobs until we managed to move up in the world but in my childhood my mother wore tennis shoes from Woolworths in Winter because she could not afford real shoes. We dragged ourselves up while nowadays people sometimes choose to drag themselves down.

[*] posted on 25-2-2016 at 01:14
It would be painful to me, as a child, if I did not have the things I wanted and saw other kids enjoying. It is little wonder to me that there is so much stealing, and that so many young people turn to drugs, when it takes so much time and effort to advance financially/materially.

[*] posted on 23-2-2016 at 11:46
I don't do fruit (Intolerant). Not much by way of veg, either.

My doctor wonders how I've lived this long.

I told her that I'm a typical cat. Meat'n'milk.

Got me this far... :D

[*] posted on 22-2-2016 at 21:30
We used to do bananas in tinfoil with chocolate buttons inside. :)

[*] posted on 22-2-2016 at 21:27
We had boards, which we rested on top of skates. MUCH more fun than skateboards! :)

Soapbox carts.

Do kids still climb trees?

Camps, in the woods, where we'd make a fire and cook stuff. Baked spuds, mostly.

[*] posted on 22-2-2016 at 10:20
We had some beaut hills too :D

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 22:36
We had bogies and hills. Amazing we survived really.

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 21:50
Awesome iwish I was a kid again, all we had was some old pram wheels and planks of wood thrown together, but we did have fun.:D

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 21:38
You gotta love those dads waveysmiley

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 20:01
Originally posted by Katzy
Apart from going straight into the road, why not? :D

Indeed :D
the bear

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 19:55
Originally posted by marymary100


Regards the Bear waveysmiley

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 17:35

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 17:18
Apart from going straight into the road, why not? :D

[*] posted on 21-2-2016 at 14:03