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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

What have you done today / yesterday
Keeping an eye on my good wife who has just had a second hip replacement and is trying to do to much ...
18-5-2016 at 08:18
by: victor
Recommended Apps
Thanks for that Katzy I will give it a try I've tried downloading so many Adobe updates and they hav ...
30-4-2016 at 07:40
by: victor
Recommended Apps
Still running XL here with Firefox problem is it's blocking Adobe flash that I have tried reinstalli ...
27-4-2016 at 13:30
by: victor
I don't get it, please explain.
15-4-2016 at 14:57
by: victor
[quote][i]Originally posted by LSemmens[/i]
Actually the doco reports that this particular piccie w ...
1-4-2016 at 15:09
by: victor
Homes For Gnomes
Fortunately I got mine ten years ago have made great use of it since.
31-3-2016 at 17:45
by: victor
When everything that can go wrong...
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
1 - no central heating or hot water
2 - engineer co ...
26-3-2016 at 21:37
by: victor
Unscrewing a bolt, cleverly
The ingenuity of man where there's a will there's a way..
26-3-2016 at 21:27
by: victor
R.I.P. Democracy.
Doesn't matter which party get in power they promise the earth then ignore you and look after their ...
4-3-2016 at 20:47
by: victor
Odd tourist attractions
House Of Marbles South Devon
Games also glass blowing. We were there fifty years ago
Always fanci ...
2-3-2016 at 03:41
by: victor
Very Impressive Video Of The State Of The Art Of A Full Size Robot
25-2-2016 at 19:19
by: victor
I am truly in my prime.
57 to 67 gone downhill ever since, my get up and go has got up and gone.
24-2-2016 at 22:32
by: victor
When dad looks after the kids
Awesome iwish I was a kid again, all we had was some old pram wheels and planks of wood thrown toget ...
21-2-2016 at 21:50
by: victor
Is there any way
I'm still using XP but was warned to switch off MS updates as it could screw up the OS as they are ...
19-2-2016 at 15:38
by: victor
Time lapse of the Sun
My Aldi tablet coped with it.
18-2-2016 at 10:02
by: victor
It's Charles' birthday today
15-2-2016 at 11:19
by: victor
Random conversations and connections
Attended a seventieth birthday lunch with fourteen other people last week the gentle man sitting to ...
6-2-2016 at 14:55
by: victor
Songs that make people cry
Bette Midler
Wind beneath my wings .
From a distance
Watched Beaches last week always brings atea ...
6-2-2016 at 14:28
by: victor
I don't get...
And here's me just bought two packs of hot cross buns. :)
5-2-2016 at 14:16
by: victor
Groundhog Day
Spring started back in December all the flowers and shrubs have sprung around here.
3-2-2016 at 09:17
by: victor
Groundhog Day
1-2-2016 at 19:10
by: victor
Left a bit
Fantastic I suffer from psoriasis and know just how he feels.;):D
31-1-2016 at 22:38
by: victor
Unkindness among relatives
Bum Bum.
29-1-2016 at 19:34
by: victor
It'll all come out in the wash
It's possible the winning ticket had more than one line on it and Camelot would know that.;)
28-1-2016 at 13:11
by: victor
John Wilbert
Of course he does and he wants. Your help to transfer a lot of money or an offer you can't refuse.i ...
26-1-2016 at 15:13
by: victor
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