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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Oh Lordy, didn't it rain
Rain over night along with thunder and lightening. Awoke this morning to clear skies and fresh air 7 ...
24-8-2015 at 13:41
by: delanti
If it had been available 50 years ago I might not have made so many mistakes.lips_sealed
21-8-2015 at 15:03
by: delanti
Farming - making it pay
Raised on cows milk and churned butter. I guess we were just lucky Leigh.waveysmiley
18-8-2015 at 15:21
by: delanti
Older than your years?
I failed the first test, couldn't cross my legs. Tried the second test but kept falling down. I fig ...
18-8-2015 at 15:16
by: delanti
good news for me
That is the kind of news we like to hear.waveysmiley
11-8-2015 at 15:03
by: delanti
What could you do with 127 million?
Sorry folks I usually check my links but didn't that one. Try this one.waveysmiley

[url=http://p ...
11-8-2015 at 15:00
by: delanti
What could you do with 127 million?
How about a new life for you and your children? Nope, guess again.waveysmiley
[url=http://www.ex ...
10-8-2015 at 19:41
by: delanti
I've got a headache.
I have an appointment Sept. 1 with the eye surgeon at the VA. I need cataract surgery on my right ey ...
5-8-2015 at 13:49
by: delanti
Transfer of privilege
Gee, I thought only whites were racist.confused2 Where is my battle flag?waveysmiley
4-8-2015 at 13:52
by: delanti
Had 4th chemo
Glad you are getting some good results from the treatment. Keep up the good work.waveysmiley
4-8-2015 at 13:44
by: delanti
FB hack
Checking my FB last night and was surprised to have a friend request from an old friend from up Nort ...
31-7-2015 at 18:01
by: delanti
Cecil the Lion
The dentist is a well known trophy hunter who has bent the rules before. I think they should turn hi ...
29-7-2015 at 13:24
by: delanti
Australian reality TV
I have not figured out the definition of the term "reality" as used in most of these shows. My def ...
29-7-2015 at 13:20
by: delanti
Australian reality TV
What kind of wing nuts are they breeding down there Leigh?shocked_yellow

[url=http://news.yahoo.c ...
28-7-2015 at 19:47
by: delanti
Paint to dissuade men from urinating against walls
It is called marking your territory.waveysmiley
28-7-2015 at 02:25
by: delanti
Laughing gas deaths
It is used as an explosive propellant in drag racing cars also.waveysmiley
28-7-2015 at 02:20
by: delanti
Marriage age
I was 25 and she was 18. I was ready but she wasn't. No matter how hard i tried, it just didn't wo ...
24-7-2015 at 17:57
by: delanti
Happy Birthday Queen of Ra
Best wishes for a happy birthday oh majesty from one of your minions.:wav)h_birth_day
24-7-2015 at 17:51
by: delanti
Happy Birthday Delanti!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Glad I could join you, I would hate to have to miss one.che ...
23-7-2015 at 14:05
by: delanti
And for my next trick
It takes me that long to remember what I was supposed to do with the cup.lips_sealed
22-7-2015 at 21:11
by: delanti
How do you know you're real?
If I am not real who is posting under my name?confused2
20-7-2015 at 01:27
by: delanti
One of our nephews was shot dead last night
If he is a thug, Derek could be his street name.waveysmiley
20-7-2015 at 01:25
by: delanti
Happy birthday Waffler
As they say, a day late and a dollar short, that's me. Anyway, have a great belated birthday guy. : ...
17-7-2015 at 14:24
by: delanti
Half million post challenge
I was standing at the bar one night, minding my own business. This fat ugly chick came up behind me ...
17-7-2015 at 13:05
by: delanti
Drink transport container
Like Bear says, recycle those plastic bottles.waveysmiley
14-7-2015 at 12:58
by: delanti
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