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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Sorry I've not been around. After my home improvements and aches and pains, I now have another proj ...
7-7-2009 at 09:02
by: Springer
You came softly into my life ...
I like it! it worked for me.
2-7-2009 at 09:44
by: Springer
RESULTS for June Challenge !
Well done bear :D A worthy winner. :D
1-7-2009 at 14:23
by: Springer
Once again HELLO!!! dear friends
Hi frojas! waveysmiley
29-6-2009 at 07:58
by: Springer
Can one get pregnant after 3 weeks?
If he sees the email or not, everything will be alright Quaver. :D
29-6-2009 at 07:56
by: Springer
Art! Though I don't like full body tattoos or coloured ones, just shaded black ones.

I do have a ...
28-6-2009 at 08:03
by: Springer
It's an EXPLOSION of Lilies!!!!
Gosh, so beautiful. :D
27-6-2009 at 08:41
by: Springer
Can one get pregnant after 3 weeks?
Oooo, how exciting Quaver. :D :D :D

I hope all goes well. Mr X will be over the moon!
27-6-2009 at 08:38
by: Springer
Excellent! Well worth the wait :D
25-6-2009 at 11:41
by: Springer
Surf dog competition for charity
That's amazing! :D

Wow, it's HOT over with you!
24-6-2009 at 07:58
by: Springer
Solstice at Stonehenge
That's lovely, Nimuae. :D
21-6-2009 at 08:45
by: Springer
Father's Day
it is nice for them to have their extra special day too though.
21-6-2009 at 08:44
by: Springer
Just lovely squirrel story
How lovely :D
20-6-2009 at 07:44
by: Springer
Whats everybody reading
[quote][i]Originally posted by John_Little[/i]
[quote][i]Originally posted by Springer[/i]
I'm al ...
20-6-2009 at 07:42
by: Springer
Daughter coming for a visit!
Ooo, i hope all goes really well redwolf. :D
19-6-2009 at 09:19
by: Springer
Happy days
How exciting bear!!!! Enjoy it all. :D
18-6-2009 at 08:10
by: Springer
My most recent pet will pass on tomorrow
It was the right thing to do.
Kitty would have remembered you. He certainly will be missed.
17-6-2009 at 06:46
by: Springer
Looking forward to it bear :D
17-6-2009 at 06:43
by: Springer
Whats everybody reading
I'm always way behind in my reading but at last I'm reading The Da Vinci Code.
17-6-2009 at 06:40
by: Springer
A rainy day game
I voted Trivial Pursuit out of those. :)

Though i spend more time playing arcade games!
16-6-2009 at 07:48
by: Springer
Dogs and their celebrity counterparts
[quote][i]Originally posted by Snowy[/i]
I think this Skye Terrier would be a good match for me.! [ ...
16-6-2009 at 07:44
by: Springer
Flushed puppy
I saw that in tha paper. Poor wee mite. Just shows you shouldn't leave children alone with puppies. ...
16-6-2009 at 07:43
by: Springer
Dogs and their celebrity counterparts
That is FUNNY!
15-6-2009 at 07:37
by: Springer
My most recent pet will pass on tomorrow
I'm so sorry to hear that too. He's lived to a grand old age.
You're son will be so upset too, i ...
15-6-2009 at 07:35
by: Springer
The Public School 22 Fifth-grade Chorus
I've looked at the ABC clip now :)
Wow, amazing that the teacher got those kids into something lik ...
13-6-2009 at 07:34
by: Springer
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