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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Can a man give birth?
A baby is made up of an egg and a sperm. Person who made the egg=mother, sperm=father. That's biolo ...
19-7-2019 at 09:22
by: Quaver
Many Virtues of our Household
I don't use straws, plastic of otherwise;)
I did feel a bit stupid walking out of the shop with a b ...
17-7-2019 at 13:55
by: Quaver
Unseen footage of the London Bridge Attack - heroism
I wonder if the bakers knew how dangerous the situation was?
17-7-2019 at 13:39
by: Quaver
Amazon Prime Day Sales
I don't have Amazon Prime, but I always look incase there's something I need.

I did think about ...
17-7-2019 at 13:23
by: Quaver
Can a man give birth?
Mother as he used his own uterus. If he was transplanted a uterus after he has completely transition ...
17-7-2019 at 13:15
by: Quaver
happy birthday Waffler
Happy Birthday Waffler!:wav)
17-7-2019 at 13:12
by: Quaver
Happy Birthday Marymary!
Happy Belated birthday!:wav)
Hope you had a great day!waveysmiley
5-7-2019 at 14:33
by: Quaver
Guess the brand
Thought it was Johnson & Johnson:)
I've never would have guessed.
30-6-2019 at 14:19
by: Quaver
Solein - meals made from electricity, water and air.
Is it tasty?brshteeth
30-6-2019 at 14:13
by: Quaver
A tragic story
Abbie's dad will have to live with the flashbacks of the accident forever:(
30-6-2019 at 14:09
by: Quaver
Whitish stuff on my black dress pants.
Try rubbing it with wet cloth, not too hard as it could make the fabric bubbly.
30-6-2019 at 14:06
by: Quaver
e-mail from ISP
Have you been paying Juno? Have you checked your bank statements?
25-6-2019 at 11:40
by: Quaver
TIme for a little entertainment
25-6-2019 at 11:38
by: Quaver
My cell phone died
It may only be a broken screen.
You may be able to get it fixed?
25-6-2019 at 11:34
by: Quaver
'Thing' - a painful saga type rant!
shocked_yellow (((huge hugs))).
30-5-2019 at 20:46
by: Quaver
The Japs are a creative lot
I wonder if they harvest and eat the rice afterwardskewl_glasses
21-5-2019 at 14:12
by: Quaver
Apple Security Breach Scam
These scams are getting more sophisticated all the time:(
11-5-2019 at 23:45
by: Quaver
Another use for Viagra
[quote][i]Originally posted by the bear[/i]
A man got a viagra tablet stuck in his throat, he had a ...
11-5-2019 at 23:42
by: Quaver
CT Scan
Fingers crossed for the results [b]Nimuae[/b]waveysmiley[quote][i]Originallyposted by victor[/i]
m ...
11-5-2019 at 23:41
by: Quaver
Another use for Viagra
Is it a real site? Not a joke one?:D
11-5-2019 at 14:35
by: Quaver
Not exacty sure what went wrong but (((Huge hugs))).
1-5-2019 at 12:46
by: Quaver
Cool use of technology
Hope it's sorted soon Nim. The bank has been good with fraud for me so farwaveysmiley

Lovely vi ...
30-4-2019 at 12:05
by: Quaver
Although no longer posting here
Congratulations Janet!waveysmiley
11-4-2019 at 11:05
by: Quaver
Pair have to pay child suppport
Perhaps both brothers had the fling with the woman:D
10-4-2019 at 12:00
by: Quaver
Chai tea
Back to topic, the chai tea I had in India was spicy and made with milk.
2-4-2019 at 09:15
by: Quaver
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