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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Doncaster Craft Show 2018.
Gotta lurve railway privatisation...

In BR days and when the railways were truly private, there'd ...
19-7-2018 at 20:49
by: Katzy
I want to associate files with Open Office 4
Can you not select a file, right-click and select "Open with" and select Open Office as the default? ...
19-7-2018 at 20:41
by: Katzy
Odd characters in text documents from other sources
If you want pure, simple plain text and there's no other way to do it, you can try [url=http://strip ...
17-7-2018 at 10:23
by: Katzy
I had evil thoughts...
If you want to throw summat out, or get something fixed, you can always remove the HD, first. :) ...
17-7-2018 at 10:20
by: Katzy
Joe's funeral!
You-two ought to start a double act, you know. :)
16-7-2018 at 12:53
by: Katzy
DNA testing
For good, or bad, I tend to sit on the "Ignorance is bliss" side of that fence.
16-7-2018 at 12:52
by: Katzy
Sacha Baron Cohen This is America
Sadly, none of that surprises me, in the slightest.
16-7-2018 at 12:50
by: Katzy
I had evil thoughts...
Whilst rummaging through my collection of [url=https://www.nirsoft.net/]NirSoft[/url] stuff, I thoug ...
16-7-2018 at 12:48
by: Katzy
Odd characters in text documents from other sources

15-7-2018 at 17:23
by: Katzy
Odd characters in text documents from other sources
Ensure the browser and editor are using UTF-8 encoding instead of ISO-8859-1/Windows-1252
15-7-2018 at 10:03
by: Katzy
When fans let down their team
To their credit, other fans have crowdfunded to pay for the damage.

Of course, the screaming head ...
10-7-2018 at 20:31
by: Katzy
Another In A Series: Bangladesh Bishwa Ijtema Festival Train
As I mentioned, in another thread, the railways on the entire subcontinent are...

10-7-2018 at 20:30
by: Katzy
Brexit - chocolate teapot party
Pity they won't all bugger off and let us have our country back...
10-7-2018 at 20:28
by: Katzy
What's For Lunch Steam Loco Pix
It's still common practice, here, on heritage lines. :D
8-7-2018 at 08:28
by: Katzy
I've been loath to say anything, what with the "Anyone but England" thing, in some places.

It's o ...
8-7-2018 at 08:27
by: Katzy
Chrome extension Stylish and Firefox tracking users
My own thoughts are that Google, now, are even worse than M$.

There are reasons as to why Chrome ...
6-7-2018 at 08:58
by: Katzy
Poetic Justice?
[quote][i]Originally posted by LSemmens[/i]
Poetic Justice[/quote]

That was the exact term that ...
6-7-2018 at 08:55
by: Katzy
Happy birthday!
Oh, it sure is. Neither Jane, nor I would be here, if it wasn't for them.
6-7-2018 at 08:54
by: Katzy
Happy birthday!
The only way to prevent it, is to get rid of the Tories. Sadly, the success of the SNP has pretty we ...
5-7-2018 at 20:43
by: Katzy
Chrome extension Stylish and Firefox tracking users
What a surprise...


You may not know that a certain privacy tool, Ghostery, tracks, to ...
5-7-2018 at 20:38
by: Katzy
Happy birthday!
https://i2-prod.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/incoming/article14867924.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/Untitled.j ...
5-7-2018 at 09:06
by: Katzy
Garden visitors, during this heatwave.
Leaf cutters, MM?

https://friendsoftheearth.uk/bee-count/great-british-bee-count-bee-identificati ...
4-7-2018 at 20:17
by: Katzy
The main problem, I feel, is that we, as a country, have gone back to the Victorian era, as espoused ...
4-7-2018 at 20:15
by: Katzy
For the rebels
We get big, black crows, occasionally. I like the crow family of birds. They seem rather too clever, ...
4-7-2018 at 16:50
by: Katzy
OMG! England won a penalty shoot-out!
There may be some, when we finally lose, I s'pose.

I hope not, of course, but...

The Russian P ...
4-7-2018 at 16:47
by: Katzy
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