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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Hello - Im back !
Your welcome Nim, though I had no idea who you were before I checked the forum's data base lol xxxxx
25-2-2017 at 19:57
by: Dreamweaver
Heads up for Nim
Nim has has problems with her login etc. Hopefully she will be back soon :)
17-9-2016 at 19:28
by: Dreamweaver
Convenience shop
And what shop was this? (methinks times have have changed since Karl and I were there?
16-6-2016 at 22:45
by: Dreamweaver
TBH we are all "accidental" and all need someone to love, or be loved. And we are all a gift to be l ...
12-6-2016 at 22:35
by: Dreamweaver
Thread of Remembrance.
[quote][i]Originally posted by scholar[/i]
I miss him. [/quote]

Not as much as I do, I may go on ...
12-6-2016 at 20:42
by: Dreamweaver
Happy Birthday Dot!
Thank you :) I was in Ireland playing on a gypsy horse and caravan, was fantastic :) xx
9-6-2016 at 17:38
by: Dreamweaver
What have you done today / yesterday
Laying floor tiles in my kitchen, need
you ask more???? :) :P
12-5-2016 at 23:28
by: Dreamweaver
I think if you read this letter from Margaret Thatcher's press secretary it speaks volumes of the go ...
26-4-2016 at 22:34
by: Dreamweaver
It's Charles' birthday today
Say hello to Karl for me Charles and all your best buddies XXX:wav)
14-2-2016 at 23:36
by: Dreamweaver
Half million post challenge
Well done Waffler and commiserations to everyone else, It was a good clean fight ( I hope :P ) X
3-12-2015 at 09:06
by: Dreamweaver
Good News ( for me )
That's really good news John, glad things are looking good for you :)penguiny
10-11-2015 at 22:15
by: Dreamweaver
FAO Charles or John
Charles will be sadly missed :(

John, continue to get better please :(
5-11-2015 at 16:35
by: Dreamweaver
The Lords kicked out Osborne's tax credits fiasco.
So the lords overstepped their mark? how much did this cost?

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/u ...
28-10-2015 at 00:17
by: Dreamweaver
One for MM
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
We might need another cull...Kill1 [/quote]

Of ...
30-6-2015 at 23:50
by: Dreamweaver
Happy birthday Dreamweaver!
Bala Lake
9-6-2015 at 12:15
by: Dreamweaver
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