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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Happy Birthday Redwolf!
Happy Birthday Red, hope it's a good one x h_birth_day
24-11-2014 at 17:24
by: Dreamweaver
Been there, done that:)
23-11-2014 at 03:42
by: Dreamweaver
Jeremy Vine fined for speeding
He simply doesn't seem to realise a speeding cyclist to a pedestrian is as dangerous as a car vs [ ...
20-11-2014 at 20:02
by: Dreamweaver
Mum of the year
She gets my [url=http://www.today.com/pets/great-dane-gives-birth-litter-19-puppies-1D80298353]vote. ...
20-11-2014 at 15:59
by: Dreamweaver
[quote][i]Originally posted by LSemmens[/i]
Actually Mary, having reviewed the video, there was onl ...
20-11-2014 at 15:58
by: Dreamweaver
Thankfully it didn't get killed, you can see it jumps back at the last minute. High price for a dri ...
17-11-2014 at 11:21
by: Dreamweaver
OK , curved ball here, if the gospels were written 40 years "after the event" how do we know some ...
16-11-2014 at 23:35
by: Dreamweaver
RIP Warren Clarke
sadly [url=http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/warren-clarke-dead-live-updates-4614681]passed ...
12-11-2014 at 19:06
by: Dreamweaver
Off to hospital
Hope all goes well for you Charles.:)
12-11-2014 at 11:55
by: Dreamweaver
Happy Birthday John!
Happy Birthday John x :wav)_band:banana)
12-11-2014 at 11:50
by: Dreamweaver
I lost my puppy
So sorry for your loss Waffles, made even worse because there was two :( I hope you find out where, ...
5-11-2014 at 09:49
by: Dreamweaver
Just plain stupid
What can you [url=http://www.local10.com/news/police-charge-90yearold-man-2-pastors-with-feeding-the ...
5-11-2014 at 09:40
by: Dreamweaver
Katzy be prepared to want...:P
Which one....[url=http://www.pbh2.com/pets-animals/cutest-kitten-pictures/?utm_source=Facebook&u ...
3-11-2014 at 23:14
by: Dreamweaver
Obamacare is too expensive for many to use health care resources
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
Whereas here it is free at the point of use no matte ...
2-11-2014 at 03:51
by: Dreamweaver
Bloomer in Welsh
[url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/29799542]oopsy[/url] what more can you say :P
30-10-2014 at 01:29
by: Dreamweaver
One for Dreamweaver
I am amazed the length people will go to help an animal :)
29-10-2014 at 07:40
by: Dreamweaver
Christian author asserts these stunning facts about Bible believers
I think it matters not, Religion/beliefs has been distorted so much in recent years, we all need to ...
26-10-2014 at 21:29
by: Dreamweaver
So goodbye Afghanistan
Waits for for yet another :( :( :mgun):mgun)
26-10-2014 at 21:23
by: Dreamweaver
Pet porcupine
My feeling Mary is if I can interact with them, they are mine!!! I an called Dotty doolittle around ...
26-10-2014 at 20:07
by: Dreamweaver
Pet porcupine
OK, I soo want one, I never knew they interacted so much . Shared "elsewhere" :) x
26-10-2014 at 19:52
by: Dreamweaver
Brother-in-law's friend has tragedy in his family
Moved from PC Help............
24-10-2014 at 08:50
by: Dreamweaver
Maybe we should be helping out!
What can I say MM :( ;)
20-10-2014 at 21:26
by: Dreamweaver
And in other news
There has to be an easier way to protest...
20-10-2014 at 21:25
by: Dreamweaver
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