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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to Karl`s Forums FAQ page. Clicking on the underlined Header of each section will return you to the top. I hope you`ll find this page useful.

User Maintenance
Using the Board

Posting & Reading messages

Misc Questions



User Maintenance

Is registration required?

That depends on the board settings because administrators can change the settings so that you have to be registered to view posts. You also usually have to be registered to reply and start new posts but this does depend on the board settings. To register click here.

It is advised that you register so you can receive e-mails from the administrator.

Does this forum use cookies?

Yes. XMB uses cookies to store your login information, last visit, and threads that you have visited. We do this to make it easier for you so you can see which posts contain new replies and so you do not have to enter your username and password when posting or other certain things.

If you logout, your cookies will be cleared. To logout click here.

How do I add a signature?

To add a signature to your posts you have to log into your profile and insert into the signature text box the signature you wish to use. BB Code and HTML maybe turned off or on. This can effect what you can insert into your signature.

How do I get my own picture (avatar) under my name?

Again in your profile there is a place for an "Avatar" and avatar is the image under your name. Check with your Admin about the size of your avatar, it"s usually considered common courtesy to use one under 150 pixels wide.

How can lost passwords be recovered?

If you have forgotten your password, do not worry. Head over to the lost password section and fill in the form and your password will be e-mailed to you.

What is U2U?

U2U means User to User. It is a simple messaging client that you can use to send messages to fellow members on this board. You can check your U2U inbox by clicking here or going to your profile.

The board administrator might have disabled this function for certain users.

NOTE: Please be aware that Super Administrators are able to view your u2u inbox. This is for forum security and not meant to be an invasion of your privacy. As with the internet in general, please use caution when sending sensitive information through the u2u system.


Using the Board

Where do I log in?

There is a button that says "Login" in the menu at the top, clicking this button will take you to the login page, where you can login. Here you simply input your username, and your password, click the login button, and that"s it!

Where do I log out?

You can logout by clicking Logout at the top of the page. When you logout the cookies that store your username and password will be removed and you will become a Guest or Anonymous user.

How do I search the board?

By clicking on the "Search" button in the menu. Then inputting what you wish to search for, you can restrict where you search with the drop down lists.

How do I U2U a member?

First click on the U2U button in the menu, another smaller window will pop-up, from there you can access the "Send a U2U" screen, by clicking on it at the top. Place the users name in the "To" field, and then insert a subject and a message and click "Send".

Where can I view all the members?

You can view all the members by clicking on the Members List button in the menu.


Posting & Reading messages

How do I post a new message?

When inside of a forum, clicking on "Post new Topic" or the image that represents that, will allow you to post. You need to fill in your information, a topic and a message, then click on the "Post New Topic" button.

Can I reply to a message?

Yes, this is done the same as posting a new one, except that you must be in a Topic, and you need to click "Post Reply" instead of "Post new Topic".

Is it possible to delete a message?

Yes, click the "Edit" button on one of your own topics, and then select the "! Delete this message !" check box, and click "Edit Post". You can not delete a post if it is the first post in the thread.

How do I edit one of my posts?

You can edit a post by clicking on the "Edit Post" button underneath your message. You can only edit your own posts and sometimes this feature is disabled.

Can I insert an attachment?

Yes you can insert an attachment with any of your posts. The file size of the attachment must be under 200K for it to be accepted. You can attach a file on the New Post and Post Reply pages with the upload field.

What are smilies?

Smilies are the little faces to the right of the input for message. They display graphical faces instead of simply a :).

How can I create and vote in polls?

You can create a poll by visiting the forum you want to post the poll in and click on Start Poll. The screen following after you click the button is just like a normal new thread page but has an extra box for Poll Answers. You should enter one answer per line.

You can vote on polls in threads by visiting the thread with the poll in it and selecting the option you want to vote for, then clicking the submit button. You can only vote on a poll once, so once you vote, you cant change your mind. The Administrator could have disabled this option for each forum.


Misc Questions

What is BB code?

You can use BB Code, a simplified version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects.

[b]Text here[/b] (Bold Text)

[i]Text here[/i] (Italicized Text)

[u]Text here[/u] (Underlined Text)

[url]http://www.php.net[/url] (Link)

[url=http://www.php.net]Home Page of PHP[/url] (Link)

[email] mail@xmbforum.com[/email] (E-Mail Link)

[email=mail@xmbforum.com]E-mail Me![/email] (E-Mail Link)

[quote]Text here[/quote] (Quoted Text)

[code]Text here[/code] (Text With Preserved Formatting)

[img]http://www.php.net/gifs/php_logo.gif[/img] (Image)

[img=50x50]http://www.php.net/gifs/php_logo.gif[/img] (Resized Image)

[flash=200x100]http://www.macromedia.com/flash.swf[/flash] (Flash Movie)

[color=red]This color is red[/color] (Colored Text)

[size=3]This font size is 3[/size] (Sized Text)

[font=Tahoma]This font is Tahoma[/font] (Different Font Than Default)

[align=center]This is centered[/align] (Aligned Text)

[*]List Item #1
[*]List Item #2
[*]List Item #2
[/list] (List)

Can I become a moderator?

Yes, email Karl and include any relevant skills or experience that you think would make you a suitable candidate for future consideration.

What are User Ranks?

Based on the number of posts you have, you are assigned to a rank. Each rank has its own status and its own amount of stars. Below are the user rank settings for this board:
New or Inactive Member 0 Posts
New User 1 Posts
Familiar Face 50 Posts
Full time Regular 100 Posts
Senior Member 150 Posts
Custom User Title 500 Posts


Karls Forums is a Community that values all members. We are proud that members can debate and post passionately, often agreeing or disagreeing strongly with other members` views, but still run to the aid of those very members that they may have disagreed with.

It is tolerence, and mutual respect, that embodies this Community and makes us proud to be Karlers.


1. You agree, through your use of this Board, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, abusive, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person`s privacy, or otherwise in violation of UK or US law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also inappropriate to this Board.

2. Any member who joins the forums and causes disharmony or disruption to the forums, in our view, may have their account removed without warning.

3. All posting must be in English.

4. No abuse of members or staff will be tolerated.

Profiles and Sigs/Bios etc

Must not include scrolling text or multiple graphics.
The size of a single graphic must be less than 20 W x 20 H pixels.
Please do not add flashing avatars. They will be removed. No exceptions.
All links, in signatures, biographies, etc., are allowed at the Administrator`s discretion - this applies particularly to business and/or commercial websites and other forums and may be edited or removed by the Administrator.


6. Links to other forum sites may be posted, if there is a relevance to the matter under discussion. Any we may consider spamming will be removed.


7. Banned accounts will be marked as such and/or may be deleted.

If for any reason you cannot login,please contact Karl by email or using the contact link at the top of the forums.

IMPORTANT Please also see read this:
Deleting Memberships - Posted 21-5-2005


8. Most posts that are moderated will contain a brief reason for the edit.

We have the right to censorship. This is not a soapbox, nor a free-press agency. This is our house, and we will clean it the way we see fit. If you do not approve... Ring someone elses doorbell!

9. No accounts and posts will be deleted on demand. If you want all of your posts removed please arrange to pay for this manual service. Current rate is $200 or 100 per account.

These Rules are subject to change without notice. Members are responsible for periodically familiarising themselves with the current rules.

IMPORTANT U2U Messaging system
Conditions of use - Please also read below:

Note: Please note that the u2u messaging system is provided on the understanding that it is not used improperly. Anyone who posts or forwards any email or u2u received (private correspondence) they receive from any member anywhere on or off this site, without consent from the author, could incur an immediate ban on using facilities on my sites.

By using Karl`s Forums you are agreeing to the uses specified in the Privacy Policy and to the Rules of Posting above.

If you have any questions please post them in the feedback forum. Please also see the welcome HERE as it has lot`s of extra tips to make using these forums more enjoyable.