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Some of these Sites belong to Friends of mine and others are sites who have linked to me.



Computer Repairs

We can help you (with any computer & technological problem)

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Daves Computer Tips

Please spend a few moments exploring the site,

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Computer Drivers and Software Update Tool - RadarSync drivers and software update tools support a wide range of device drivers like software drivers, modem drivers, printer drivers to name just a few. RadarSync is compatible with major operating systems.

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Windows XP Tips & Resources

This site contains information and resources on maintaining, optimizing, and tweaking Windows XP, gathered from an assortment of online resources including several forums, Microsoft support articles, and other general Windows sites.

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IQ Tests for Children

My Site Has IQ Tests for Kids, Children, Toddlers and Teens. Lots of free academic tests as well.

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 Color Laser Printers, Scanners, Toner & More

Super Warehouse - Printers, Monitors, Projectors, Storage, Laptops, Networking, Systems, Scanners & Digital Cameras...

Frogman`s Site

Features include some great links to other sites. Plus a News Section, Useful downloads page and a FAQ section that has his answers to PC Problems that people have asked to be solved.

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Driduck Diving & WaterSports

Excellent Site offering a Range of Diving Products and Accessories. Dive Courses and Made to Measure DrySuits & Wetsuits

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Ric Mercer`s PC-Help Pages

Lot`s of information here including Recovery Help, Networks and Useful Help Pages like How to Fit A New Hard drive

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Celtic Shadows Art Gallery

A selection of Pictures of Scotland and other places. Superb Site !

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Silver Surfers

This Website is one of several run by and for the members of the Silversurfers Newsgroup - uk.people.silversurfers

In here you will find a list of members (usually out of date as new people join and some prefer to remain unlisted), collected hints, tips, poems, humorous items and links to members websites.

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Counters, Guestbooks and lot`s more !

140 Sites Here offering a range of free services

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Lineone Web Help for beginners

Page One
Page Two

Other Useful Sites

Free online virus scan

Remove Kak Virus from your PC

Tom`s Hardware Guide. Review all the latest new Hardware.

Send Text Messages to Mobile Phones. Some of the sites listed below may require you to register or become a member, but this is usually just a formality. Some allow sending messages outside the UK.
Lineone members can enter their username and password here:
Or try the alternatives below as they are free too Free Sms


If you cannot find your driver or need PC personal help.

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