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Frequently Asked Questions


These help files have been added to my site as a resource to assist visitors who may wish to learn a more about their computer. No author here claims to be an authority on any subject, but these help files are here to assist, as they have helped people to understand and use their computers better. The authors contribute to lineone forums and other resources on usenet, and most of these faq`s are used in reply to common problems or queries. No responsibility is accepted by the authors or webmaster for any resulting states of any computer system/s as a result of acting upon any advise offered on this site.If you would like to contribute any FAQ`s or inform me of any errors please email me here I will accredit all Authors who submit articles and whose articles are included on this page.

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* Hardware * Buying Hardware * Audio * Internet * Software


Common problems with HP Deskjet 600 series printers

Defragmenting Hard Drives

Diagnose Potential Hard Drive Faults

Fitting A New Hard Drive

Fdisk.....what is it ?

G-Force 2 / 3 / 4

How do I Partition my Hard drive using Fdisk ?

How to format and prepare a harddrive which never needs Windows CD Rom

How do I test my system memory for errors

Installing Drivers that are Zipped

Installing A new Graphic Card or Updating Drivers

Leave a computer running constantly, or switch it off when it`is not in use ?

My computer turns on but it will not boot. What should I do ?

Overheating temperature ?

PC won`t turn on !

What Is A Device Driver and a Flash Upgrade ?


Buying Hardware

Keyboard or Mouse





Jumping Audio

Transferring Audio Cassettes to a CD-R Disk

Transfering Vinyl records to a CD-R Disk

Sound Card Troubleshooting Guide



Backup and Restore Email and News Accounts in Outlook Express

Email Server Problems

How Can I stop Receiving Junk (Spam) Emails ?

Logging on to Tiscali to use Webmail or the Forums

POP & SMTP Settings in Outlook Express

Viruses - Protection and Prevention

Dealing with spyware/adwares/trojans

Virused Attachments in Outlook Express


Setup Outlook Express to Download Newsgroups from News.CIS.DFN.DE

Since vBulletin was implemented by Tiscali on 18/12/01

Web Design - Web Space

Access User Webspace at Tiscali

Ftp Access Via Internet Explorer

Tiscali - Change Passwords

How Do I Activate & Use Tiscali Webspace

Tiscali Recent Changes to Webspace *IMPORTANT*

Why can't I log into my Tiscali site / Why can't I upload files ?


Dial-Up Networking Errors

How to configure NTL-World without installing the cd

How to Reset Content Advisor in Internet Explorer

How to respond to Trolls

How to Speed up Tiscali vBulletin


Posting In PC Help

Posting In WebHelp

Why is my internet connection so slow ?

Cable Modems - Networking & Broadband


Comparison of different versions of Windows

Display is Garbled

Fatal System Error or Blue Screen

Firewall - What is a firewall ?

Firewall - Why do you need a software firewall ?

How do I back up my PC ?

How can I reduce the risk of a virus infection

How do I stop my computer randomly crashing ?

How do I make a boot disk for Windows 2000/XP?

Modem reports the wrong Connection Speed

Problems copying CD`s

Temporary files that can safely be deleted

Tips for a reliable PC

Useful Tips for CD Recording

Viruses - How Do I protect myself ?

Vanishing system tray icons

Which is the best CD-burning software ?


Hardware * Buying Hardware * Audio * Internet * Software

Special Thanks to Celtic Shadow aka Faolan for artwork and webhelp.

Copyright © 2001-2004 © Copyright Karl Davis.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any format.All documents author acknowledged are copyright retained by the author.


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