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I've been having trouble loading Open Office Suite
scholar - 24-12-2017 at 00:08

I recall, in earlier incarnations of Windows, I used to use Net Vampire to help me download files, and I could usually resume downloading a file if the connection wasn't great.

I've been trying to download Open Office onto my Windows 8.1 machine, and it seems to stop load with only part of the file. I've tried a second time, with no luck.

I have looked at what seems to be happening with Total Commander. The first time, I had a listing for the .exe file listed at a size of 0, and another file of the same name with an extension .part (so it seems to be, anyway). I've had downloads look like this, before, but the .part file would keep getting larger each time I checked, until it was full size. This seems not to continue to grow.


scholar - 24-12-2017 at 03:17

It finally came in, and I have installed it and opened it.

Abiword was giving me too much trouble. I repeatedly had problems with the program failing to open documents which supposedly had been saved.

John_Little - 24-12-2017 at 09:36

I've used open office for years. It's very good.

scholar - 24-12-2017 at 20:33

The version I got yesterday has a wide beside-the-document features bar of some kind. It looks to have advantages over trying to make everything fit in the upper tool bar, which gets so very complicated when there is some icon for everything. I will explore more as I use it.kewl_glasses