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Happy Birthday Victor!
Quaver - 17-9-2017 at 09:49

I know you come here often, so happy birthday wherever you arewaveysmiley

Hope you are having a wonderful day, and hope you'll post something soon:wav)

marymary100 - 17-9-2017 at 10:02


LSemmens - 17-9-2017 at 10:25

Ditto, I'm Sure!waveysmiley

John_Little - 17-9-2017 at 13:33

Hope you have a very happy birthday, Victor. And sort out whatever is stopping you posting. Best wishes from us all!l

scholar - 19-9-2017 at 00:50

h_birth_day Victor


I'd love to hear from you. If not in the public KF, perhaps in the u2u? I--we--miss you.

John_Little - 20-9-2017 at 07:44

Bump because victor is on

the bear - 20-9-2017 at 22:27

Have a good one mate

Very best regards, the Bear