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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Shaving products
That's because they make more from replacement blades until someone brings out cheaper copies ,
jus ...
13-1-2018 at 18:36
by: sceptre
Increased rail fares
It cost me two euros to go to Naples from Sorrento by train a couple of years ago .
2-1-2018 at 21:12
by: sceptre
The least offensive swearwords....
Fubar is quite popular as well especially if web related ,
[strike] "f***ed up beyond all repair." ...
27-12-2017 at 19:37
by: sceptre
I dreamed about Scholar last night
Some of us might end up downstairs ;)
23-12-2017 at 12:59
by: sceptre
Happy birthday Leigh!
Man fred ! how could you say such a thing MM

6-12-2017 at 21:22
by: sceptre
Another RR Pix Of A Way Of Life That Still Exists
here's a starter :D
5-12-2017 at 21:52
by: sceptre
Happy birthday Leigh!
Depending on the time zone , roughly +10 so tonight ;)
5-12-2017 at 21:43
by: sceptre
Problem--my cell phone won't recharge
Fully agree here on all points made kewl_glasses[quote][i]Originally posted byLSemmens[/i]
Phone i ...
3-12-2017 at 13:53
by: sceptre
Insecure site
It's a lot more wide spread than W10 with google and firefox being some of the main culprits at push ...
12-11-2017 at 16:28
by: sceptre
Another good use for beer!
I would have thought it was using the bottle as a
mask , can't see it self darkening though using ...
29-10-2017 at 16:52
by: sceptre
Curiosity Question Re Karl's Forums Website Icon
For the record , it's a favicon , file normally saved as a favicon.ico
14-10-2017 at 19:59
by: sceptre
Fatal errors, references to sql and mysql
Probably downgraded the php version via the hosts panel
12-10-2017 at 19:30
by: sceptre
Fatal errors, references to sql and mysql
7.1.10 as far as I know is the latest stable version
I knew it was a php upgrade problem but that ...
10-10-2017 at 19:26
by: sceptre
Fatal errors, references to sql and mysql
The site @ lcmssermons.com is down
8-10-2017 at 20:41
by: sceptre
Ring Around The Rosy--Canadian Style
Don't know about the NR being uplifting
seeing some would say it was about the great plague ;)
18-8-2017 at 19:05
by: sceptre
Terror attacks.
There certainly will not be 24 virgins waiting for them when they get their come uppance ,
First t ...
18-8-2017 at 18:56
by: sceptre
Note to self - Don't forget
It's just a reminder so that we don't forget John's but then how could we ... skidaddle
15-8-2017 at 19:27
by: sceptre
Another attack
[quote][i]Originally posted by LSemmens[/i]
Guantanamo Bay or the British Equivalent, maybe Scotlan ...
5-6-2017 at 20:11
by: sceptre
Another attack
[quote][i]Originally posted by Quaver[/i]
That's a hard one.

Can't we get all the extremist lead ...
5-6-2017 at 20:06
by: sceptre
ADD, absent-mindedness, or what?
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
I sometimes write a post-it and leave it on the ste ...
5-6-2017 at 19:50
by: sceptre
putting on a single faucett handle
Also re. the replacement , any I've ever seen were already assembled , only one screw and washer to ...
6-4-2017 at 20:04
by: sceptre
Procrastination is opportunity's assassin
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
Get that awning up... [/quote]

He's too busy admi ...
4-4-2017 at 17:15
by: sceptre
On The Lighter Side For Today: Who Is This?
[quote][i]Originally posted by JackInCT[/i]
I would guess it's Michael.

Serious question (for a ...
1-3-2017 at 14:55
by: sceptre
On The Lighter Side For Today: Who Is This?
Bill Gates... no idea who the other two are lips_sealed
28-2-2017 at 14:54
by: sceptre
Snapchat Spectacles
[quote][i]Originally posted by John_Little[/i]
I've not seen much about him on the Simpson's. Must ...
22-2-2017 at 17:49
by: sceptre
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