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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Experts warn that Gluten in Meth could be hazardous to your health!!
shocking, simply shocking.
9-12-2015 at 17:25
by: dr john
Did you know this? The antarctic ice mass is growing, not shrinking
Hi Scholar

I notice you ignore what is happening to the ARTIC ice, and the glaciers' ice.
I als ...
29-11-2015 at 17:15
by: dr john
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]
I got one of those from "The police" telling me that I' ...
29-11-2015 at 17:06
by: dr john
Fake gun shop
[quote][i]Originally posted by scholar[/i]
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]
Guns exist for ...
18-11-2015 at 12:38
by: dr john
You, me and the Apocalypse
Sounds like a copy of Keira Knightly movie - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
1-10-2015 at 11:22
by: dr john
HAARP and chemtrail use claimed to be causing California drought
Think these cheap pills you've been taking instead of the regular full price ones have boosted your ...
14-9-2015 at 17:49
by: dr john
Serious question for the Scottish.
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]

What's she going to do? Try a referendum, every year, u ...
13-9-2015 at 22:02
by: dr john
Ha! Up yours, Windows! :P
After reading the title of this thread, remember the commands that you have used were put there for ...
11-6-2015 at 13:54
by: dr john
My car tires were slashed last night
Wouldn't it not be easier to just find a more pleasant area to live in.

What with people gettin ...
29-5-2015 at 20:01
by: dr john
It would have spun off the road backwards, hit the post at the rear, pirouetted around, then hit the ...
29-1-2015 at 14:06
by: dr john
Microsoft Tricks
the =rand(200,99) - try any pair of numbers. Same result, different number of pages. rand() is a fu ...
28-12-2014 at 19:56
by: dr john
Newspaper headlines today
Most newspapers are talking today about how we are close - very very close - to declaring war on the ...
25-9-2014 at 11:47
by: dr john
That's Brazil off all holiday destination lists then.
22-9-2014 at 10:47
by: dr john
Foreign words with no English equivalent
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]
Seems there's no German word meaning "Fluffy", either. ...
21-9-2014 at 19:21
by: dr john
What worries me, about the Scottish vote.
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
Can you hear the people sing from where you are? [/q ...
19-9-2014 at 06:35
by: dr john
What worries me, about the Scottish vote.
What worries me (a Scot) is that someone like Alex Salmon might be in charge of the country for a wh ...
17-9-2014 at 19:01
by: dr john
Man to play Goliath in movie is 7 foot 7 or 8 inches in real life!
In the remake, Goliath wins, then in the sequel, David wins.
It's not the holy wood version, it's ...
6-9-2014 at 20:55
by: dr john
Need some help, please
Get a screwdriver which has one of those changeable tips to cover all sizes and types. I've found t ...
14-7-2014 at 20:49
by: dr john
Scotland. .?
Every Scot I know (including myself) say they'd vote No.
Trouble is I live abroad (in England) and ...
12-6-2014 at 11:29
by: dr john
What should I do to speed up a computer, especially on the internet?
download, install and run Malwarebyte's AntiMalware, from their site

https://www.malwarebytes.o ...
28-5-2014 at 16:28
by: dr john
The paintings 'made better with cats'
It's the one cat that she's got, Nimuae.
28-5-2014 at 16:14
by: dr john
Win 8
I've recommended Start8 for those who want it to look like windows 7, but you should be able to upg ...
15-5-2014 at 10:32
by: dr john
Remember your first time?
[quote][i]Originally posted by Nimuae[/i]
My first flight was in a glider - magic ! [/quote]

Min ...
20-4-2014 at 18:50
by: dr john
New US stealth plane may have been spotted
The reason they want the high speed is so that they can get photos of any where that something is go ...
20-4-2014 at 18:48
by: dr john
I only got two birthday pressies last month

If you all club together for one of these, I'm sure ...
18-4-2014 at 15:15
by: dr john
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